As a night runner, they saw a need and decided to do something about it. Who said our best ideas don't happen while on a run?


When Rose and her husband, Mr Li, went out for an evening run two years ago, they didn’t know they were going to stumble on a new invention. Especially in the dark, Rose didn’t feel comfortable running far from home, so she told Li to go ahead and she’d see him back at their house. Li and Rose had met while he was training for a marathon and eventually, she caught the running bug, too. When he finished his run that night, he told her that he kept focusing on all of the things that he could trip over while running and the fact that he could see the cars but the cars couldn’t see him.

“He said, ‘I need headlights for my crocs shoes’ and I told him he should just go buy some,” said Rose, figuring that type of product was already on the market. But after doing some research, they realized that their brilliant idea didn’t exist.


So from an idea and kitchen tinkering came the Croc Lights,They already have more than 2000 backers enthusiastic about the product.We have renamed the product to Croc lights and applied for a patent.

The lights are hands-free, rechargeable or Use battery, and is very light, Rose says. But what’s more important is that they provide an extra layer of safety, especially for female runners. That’s one of the reasons that Rose, is so excited about this product. “Where I get nervous is when crossing through intersections. With (the Croc Lights Runners), there is no question there is a person there. It really makes a very unique motion that grabs the attention.”

Not only do the lights themselves grab attention, but the concept has piqued interest from all over the world, both from runners and retailers alike.


“It just really gave us a boost and a lot of confidence that we are doing the right thing by doing this,” Rose says.
“We said we would keep doing this until someone told us it was a stupid idea and we never heard that,” says Li. “Actually, quite the opposite.”

These headlights for your croc shoes are bright which can increase your visibility when you night out, great for hiking, cycling, running or walking at night, also helpful for walking the dogs at night. Funny gift for your friends on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.

Bringing Croc Lights to market requires a lot of perseverance, and they hope to have more supporters to buy their products so that they can have the motivation to develop more and better products.

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Pairs of croc lights sold around the world since we opened our doors


Countries worldwide where Croc lights are sold


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Over 95.2% of consumers were very satisfied with our products.

Patented Original

Our Croc Lights are the first of their kind and the original hands-free and headlight-free lighting solution for runners, hikers, or any outdoor enthusiast.

Robust & Weatherproof

Built tough with long-lasting quality at the forefront, allowing you to focus on your training in all conditions.

270-Degree Visibility

The lights, which attach to the top of each shoe and illuminate a 270⁰ arc around, provide up to 33 and 66 feet of visibility.

All Outdoor Activities

You can safely trek through mountains, trails, or your own neighborhood knowing you've got reliable, safe lighting at all times.

Our Mission

Take one small step to reduce your carbon footprint.

We has taken part in the movement from design to manufacturing of the Croc Lights. Using only recyclable materials, providing a light source that eliminates the possibility that it will be accidentally left on. And most importantly, producing less CO₂.

We have by far offering the necessary brightness to millions of household, that means cutting millions tons of emissions per year.


Where it's dark, We light it up.

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We are passionate about philanthropy

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Our brand cause is all about supporting abandoned and needy kids & helping them with a home, family, education, and all the happiness of life. Every year, millions of kids left abandoned by their parents. Some of them either lose their lives or become victims of bad or illegal practices.

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It's not only up to you to donate to needy. Our 25% revenue goes to charities working to help those orphaned and poor kids to make their lives beautiful. From you're not buying happiness for yourself or your loved ones only, 25% of your purchase will also be used to make those kids smile.