Although night running is good, safety is more important

"It's too hot during the day, too early to get up in the morning, and it's still cooler at night, so now every day after dinner, I come out for a night run." Ms. Li, a sports enthusiast, said with a smile.

Summer is definitely a challenge for outdoor running enthusiasts, so many people choose to run at night, at the same time, the night is the time of the day when the oxygen content is higher, the air quality is relatively good, more suitable for sports. However, night running even if there are a thousand good, safety issues can not be ignored.

"Night running is quite good, but also a little problem, seven or eight o'clock is the peak period, sometimes run faster, coupled with the nightfall, the line of sight is not clear, if you come face to face with a lowered head to play with a cell phone passers-by, avoidance is not timely and easy to hit." Ms. Li said, " Some fitness trails are too dense, to the night running brings great inconvenience, we sometimes choose to run on the non-motorized road. But although running is smooth and won't hit passers-by, you may be hit."

Although night running is good, safety is more important

There are also many people who like to run with headphones on to enjoy a solo world, but this is a big safety hazard. Night people's visual recognition ability, reaction ability is relatively weak with the day, if the night runners running at night with headphones, easy to ignore the external environment, can not find the changes on the road in a timely manner, it is very easy to cause traffic accidents.

Running at night in the dim light, pedestrians and vehicles a little inattentive, it is easy to accident. In order to avoid such a situation as far as possible, night running is recommended to wear brightly colored clothing or configure some reflective equipment. For example, in the body of the conspicuous position paste fluorescent strips, wrist tie luminous ring, wear a piece of clothing with fluorescent or in the shoes to install croc lights, he can be very good in your night running, walking, walking the dog, night walking, outdoor and other scenarios to provide you with a safe illumination.

When running at night, try to choose a route that you are familiar with, and choose a location where the road terrain is flat and the lighting facilities are relatively good. On the one hand, a better understanding of the road conditions can avoid bumps, and on the other hand, the running process is safer. If you run in dim light, without good lighting facilities, it is easy to have an accident.

It is best to run at night one hour after the end of dinner, exercise immediately after eating will affect the function of the stomach and intestines. At this time there are still a few hours from the sleep time, the movement will make the human nerves in a state of excitement, running too late will affect the quality of sleep, therefore, for health considerations, it is not recommended to go out for a run after 10:00 p.m..

Exercise time is best controlled in 30 to 60 minutes. Running too long at night is easy to affect sleep, which will affect the sleep of the night and the state of the next day. Therefore every runner should slowly find the right intensity and exercise time for himself in running.

The temperature at night is not as high as during the day, but you will still sweat when you exercise. Therefore it is very important to replenish water before and after night running. To avoid burdening the stomach and intestines, it should be ingested in small sips several times, and if necessary, sports drinks can be ingested appropriately to replenish lost electrolytes.

We can also ask family and friends to run at night, which not only reduces the risk factor of night running, but also adds a lot of fun to running, or join a running group, not only is safer, but also with running friends to communicate and exchange running experience.

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