The new colorway of Yeezy Foam Runner is so cool!

In the hot summer, various types of slippers and foam runners have become the first choice for players to go out.

To talk about how the trend of foam runners started in the fashion circle, it can't be separated from Kanye West's creation of Yeezy Foam Runner.

With its highly recognizable design and practicality for staying cool and walking in water, it has become a favorite in the high-end sneaker field for summer.

The previously released colorways can be roughly divided into solid colors and "MX" camouflage.

Recently, a new colorway of Yeezy Foam Runner "MX Carbon" has been unveiled for the first time!

Different from the previous earth-tone camouflage, the new colorway features a black base with accents of pink, light purple, and fluorescent yellow, making the shoes look much more eye-catching. It's guaranteed to turn heads when worn out.

croc headlights

The one-piece shoe body is made of a mixture of lightweight EVA material and recycled algae, providing a lightweight and comfortable feel while also supporting environmental protection. It's a game-changer.

croc headlights

The shoebox maintains the classic inside-out design of the Yeezy Foam Runner series.

It is reported that the new Yeezy Foam Runner "MX Carbon" will be released overseas on August 1st, with a price of $90 USD.

croc headlights

We will closely monitor whether it will be available in the domestic market, so interested friends may want to keep an eye out!

Yeezy Foam Runner "MX Carbon"
Release Date: August 1stRetail Price: $90 USD

Can you add croc lights to the Yeezy? The answer is yes, let's take a look at the rendering.

croc headlights

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