Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack) - Croc LightsÂź
Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack) - Croc LightsÂź
Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack) - Croc LightsÂź
Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack) - Croc LightsÂź
Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack) - Croc LightsÂź
Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack) - Croc LightsÂź
Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack) - Croc LightsÂź

Flower Shoe lights - Eye-friendly - 4 Colors (2 Pack)

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crocs lights
  • đŸŒŒThe exquisite fusion of mini flowers and LED technology on Crocs shoes has created a multifunctional lighting solution.
  • đŸŒŒDelight for DIY enthusiasts: meticulously crafted, with its dazzling allure and unique shoe aesthetics.
  • đŸŒŒBeyond illumination: it integrates creativity and cognition, serving as an intellectual toy as well.
  • đŸŒŒA multifunctional shoe light to set the ambiance for gatherings, parties, and celebratory occasions.
  • đŸŒŒIt is a symbol of thoughtfulness, perfect for gifting on festive occasions like Christmas and Halloween.
  • ⚠ Note: This product is exclusively compatible with LR41 batteries, and we will include batteries with the product. If you need to purchase spare batteries, please click to buy. âšĄïž
Croc soilse loingseoireachta saor in aisce,


Seoltar orduithe Ăł Luan go hAoine gan laethanta saoire ChĂłnaidhme na SA a ĂĄireamh.

* Déanfar orduithe a fhaightear roimh 1:30 PM Am Caighdeånach an Oirthir a phróiseåil laistigh den lå gnó céanna, ar choinníoll go bhfuil na hearraí i stoc agus go bhfíoraítear sainaithint an chustaiméara.
‱ FĂ©adfar moill a chur ar sheachadadh chuig Alasca, HavĂĄĂ­ agus PĂłrtĂł RĂ­ce.
‱ NĂ­l seachadadh chuig BoscaĂ­ Poist ar fĂĄil (cĂ© gur fĂ©idir Ă© a ĂșsĂĄid le haghaidh seoltaĂ­ billeĂĄla).


NĂ­ phrĂłiseĂĄilimid ĂĄr n-orduithe ach ar laethanta oibre. DĂ©anfaimid na hearraĂ­ a sheachadadh laistigh de 24 uair an chloig tar Ă©is dĂșinn an t-ordĂș a fhĂĄil agus teacht laistigh de 7-15 lĂĄ oibre.

🌎 Loingseoireacht ar fud an domhain ✈
Tabhair faoi deara le do thoil go bhfuil loingseoireachta ĂĄrachaithe. Is fĂ©idir go bhfaighidh tĂș do chuid earraĂ­ nĂ­os luaithe, ĂĄfach. Seolfar Uimhreacha Rianaithe i gCÁS ionas gur fĂ©idir leat Ă© a rianĂș gach cĂ©im den bhealach! Is fiĂș fanacht le rudaĂ­ fionnuara! 😉

Am Loingseoireachta

  • Is iad na figiĂșirĂ­ thĂ­os an meĂĄn-am do sheachadadh loingseoireachta le 15 lĂĄ anuas . TĂĄ na sonraĂ­ ar fĂĄil le haghaidh tagartha, agus athraĂ­onn an t-am seachadta cruinn de rĂ©ir na rĂ©imsĂ­ sonracha.
  • SEACHADADH VIP Express I 2-4 LÁ I SAM🚀

    Sna StĂĄit Aontaithe, cuireann cuid dĂĄr dtĂĄirgĂ­ seachadadh VIP ar fĂĄil le ham teachta 2-4 lĂĄ. TĂĄ tĂĄille bhrostaithe $5 sa bhreis ar an tseirbhĂ­s seo.

Ceann ScrĂ­be Am tagartha MeĂĄn Am Muirear Loingseoireachta
StĂĄit Aontaithe 6-10 lĂĄ 7 lĂĄ $0
AstrĂĄil 6-10 lĂĄ 7 lĂĄ $0
Ceanada 8-15 lĂĄ 7 lĂĄ $0
an RĂ­ocht Aontaithe 8-10 lĂĄ 7 lĂĄ $0
An Nua-Shéalainn 8-15 lå 8 lå $0
Fhrainc 6-10 lĂĄ 7 lĂĄ $0
Éireann 6-10 lá 9 lá $0
an Bheilg 6-10 lĂĄ 8 lĂĄ $0
an Danmhairg 6-10 lĂĄ 8 lĂĄ $0
an GhearmĂĄin 6-10 lĂĄ 7 lĂĄ $0
Ísiltír 6-10 lá 8 lá $0
An Iorua 8-12 lĂĄ 10 lĂĄ $0
an tSualainn 6-10 lĂĄ 8 lĂĄ $0
TĂ­ortha eile 6-15 lĂĄ 9 lĂĄ $0


Cuirtear cĂĄnacha agus CBL san ĂĄireamh sna praghsanna nuair a dhĂ©antar ordĂș.
Is Ă© an faighteoir atĂĄ freagrach as aon mhuirir bhreise, cĂĄnacha nĂł tĂĄillĂ­ brĂłicĂ©ireachta a dhĂ©anann do rialtas ĂĄitiĂșil.
Coinnigh i gcuimhne gur beag an seans go ngearrfar CBL nĂł dleachtanna ort; ĂĄfach, mĂĄ ghearrtar tĂĄille ort, nĂ­ fĂ©idir linn a bheith freagrach as na tĂĄillĂ­ seo ar bhealach ar bith, toisc nach bhfaighimid aon chuid den airgead seo. Is chuig do rialtas amhĂĄin a thĂ©ann na cistĂ­. Is Ă© an rud deireanach a bheadh ​​uainn nĂĄ go ngearrfaĂ­ tĂĄille bhreise ar ĂĄr gcustaimĂ©irĂ­. Toisc go n-athraĂ­onn dleachtanna agus cĂĄnacha de rĂ©ir tĂ­re agus de rĂ©ir an mĂ©id a ordaĂ­odh, nĂ­ fĂ©idir linn costas measta a sholĂĄthar. TĂ©igh i dteagmhĂĄil le d’oifig chustaim le haghaidh tuilleadh eolais.
NĂ­ aisĂ­ocfar tĂĄillĂ­ seolta & lĂĄimhseĂĄla, tĂĄillĂ­ riarachĂĄin, agus cĂĄnacha (50% de luach iomlĂĄn an ordaithe roimh lascainĂ­) i gcĂĄs pacĂĄistĂ­ a ndiĂșltaĂ­tear dĂłibh mar gheall ar CBL/dleachtanna.
Murar luadh do chås inår bpolasaí aisíocaíochta, déan cinnte ríomhphost a sheoladh chugainn ag service@croclights.com, agus cabhróimid leat é a réiteach chomh luath agus is féidir!


Go ginearĂĄlta, seoltar earraĂ­ trĂ­ SheirbhĂ­s Poist (USPS) trĂ­ phost den chĂ©ad scoth. Seoladh fiosrĂșchĂĄin sainrĂĄite: https://www.croclights.com/tools/track


Nuair a sheolfar d’ordĂș, gheobhaidh tĂș rĂ­omhphost FĂłgra Loingis. Tabharfaidh an rĂ­omhphost seo an dĂĄta a seoladh d'ordĂș duit.


Is fĂ©idir lenĂĄr n-eagraĂ­ocht comhair lĂłistĂ­ochta earraĂ­ a sheachadadh chuig an domhan. Mura fĂ©idir le do thĂ­r ordĂș ceannaigh a dhĂ©anamh, seol rĂ­omhphost chugainn le do thoil: service@croclights.com, Whatsapp/Line:


TĂĄ an suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin seo ĂĄ oibriĂș ag CROC LIGHTS. Ar fud an tsuĂ­mh, tagraĂ­onn na tĂ©armaĂ­ “muid”, “sinn” agus “ár” do CROC LIGHTS. Cuireann CROC LIGHTS an suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin seo ar fĂĄil, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear an fhaisnĂ©is, na huirlisĂ­ agus na seirbhĂ­sĂ­ ar fad atĂĄ ar fĂĄil Ăłn suĂ­omh seo duitse, an t-ĂșsĂĄideoir, ar choinnĂ­oll go nglacfaidh tĂș leis. gach tĂ©arma, coinnĂ­oll, polasaĂ­ agus fĂłgra a luaitear anseo.

TrĂ­ chuairt a thabhairt ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh agus/nĂł rud Ă©igin a cheannach uainn, tĂ©ann tĂș i mbun ĂĄr “SeirbhĂ­s” agus aontaĂ­onn tĂș a bheith faoi cheangal ag na tĂ©armaĂ­ agus coinnĂ­ollacha seo a leanas (“TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se”, “TĂ©armaí”), lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear na tĂ©armaĂ­ agus na coinnĂ­ollacha agus na beartais bhreise sin. dĂĄ dtagraĂ­tear anseo agus/nĂł ar fĂĄil trĂ­ hipearnasc. Baineann na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo le gach ĂșsĂĄideoir an tsuĂ­mh, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear gan teorainn ĂșsĂĄideoirĂ­ ar brabhsĂĄlaithe, dĂ­oltĂłirĂ­, custaimĂ©irĂ­, ceannaithe agus/nĂł rannĂ­ocĂłirĂ­ ĂĄbhair iad.

LĂ©igh na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo go cĂșramach le do thoil roimh rochtain a fhĂĄil ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin nĂł roimh ĂșsĂĄid a bhaint as. TrĂ­ rochtain a fhĂĄil ar aon chuid den suĂ­omh nĂł trĂ­ ĂșsĂĄid a bhaint as, aontaĂ­onn tĂș a bheith faoi cheangal ag na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo. Mura n-aontaĂ­onn tĂș le tĂ©armaĂ­ agus coinnĂ­ollacha uile an chomhaontaithe seo, nĂ­ fhĂ©adfaidh tĂș rochtain a fhĂĄil ar an suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin nĂĄ aon seirbhĂ­sĂ­ a ĂșsĂĄid. MĂĄ mheastar na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo mar thairiscint, tĂĄ glacadh teoranta go sainrĂĄite do na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo.

Beidh aon ghnĂ©ithe nĂł uirlisĂ­ nua a chuirtear leis an stĂłr reatha faoi rĂ©ir na dTĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se freisin. Is fĂ©idir leat an leagan is dĂ©anaĂ­ de na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se a athbhreithniĂș am ar bith ar an leathanach seo. CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart chun aon chuid de na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo a nuashonrĂș, a athrĂș nĂł a athsholĂĄthar trĂ­ nuashonruithe agus/nĂł athruithe ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin a phostĂĄil. Is ortsa atĂĄ an fhreagracht an leathanach seo a sheiceĂĄil go trĂ©imhsiĂșil le haghaidh athruithe. Is ionann do ĂșsĂĄid leanĂșnach nĂł rochtain ar an suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin tar Ă©is aon athruithe a phostĂĄil agus glacadh leis na hathruithe sin.

TĂĄ ĂĄr siopa ĂĄ ĂłstĂĄil ar Shopify Inc. Cuireann siad ardĂĄn rĂ­omhthrĂĄchtĂĄla ar lĂ­ne ar fĂĄil dĂșinn a ligeann dĂșinn ĂĄr gcuid tĂĄirgĂ­ agus seirbhĂ­sĂ­ a dhĂ­ol leat.


TrĂ­ aontĂș leis na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo, lĂ©irĂ­onn tĂș go bhfuil tĂș ar a laghad d’aois an tromlaigh i do stĂĄt nĂł i do chĂșige cĂłnaithe, nĂł go bhfuil tĂș in aois an tromlaigh i do stĂĄt nĂł i do chĂșige cĂłnaithe agus go bhfuil do thoiliĂș tugtha agat dĂșinn. cead a thabhairt d’aon duine de do mhionchleithiĂșnaithe an suĂ­omh seo a ĂșsĂĄid.

NĂ­ fhĂ©adfaidh tĂș ĂĄr gcuid tĂĄirgĂ­ a ĂșsĂĄid chun aon chrĂ­che mĂ­dhleathach nĂł neamhĂșdaraithe nĂĄ nĂ­ fhĂ©adfaidh tĂș, agus tĂș ag ĂșsĂĄid na SeirbhĂ­se, aon dlĂ­the i do dhlĂ­nse a shĂĄrĂș (lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear dlĂ­the cĂłipchirt ach gan a bheith teoranta dĂłibh).

Níl cead agat péisteanna nå víris ar bith nó cód ar bith de chineål millteach a tharchur.

MĂĄ shĂĄraĂ­tear nĂł mĂĄ shĂĄraĂ­tear aon cheann de na TĂ©armaĂ­, cuirfear deireadh lĂĄithreach le do SheirbhĂ­sĂ­.


CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart seirbhĂ­s a dhiĂșltĂș d’aon duine ar chĂșis ar bith ag am ar bith.

Tuigeann tĂș go bhfĂ©adfaĂ­ d’inneachar (gan faisnĂ©is cĂĄrta creidmheasa san ĂĄireamh) a aistriĂș gan chriptiĂș agus go mbeadh (a) tarchur thar lĂ­onraĂ­ Ă©agsĂșla i gceist; agus (b) athruithe chun ceanglais theicniĂșla a bhaineann le lĂ­onraĂ­ nĂł feistĂ­ nasctha a chomhlĂ­onadh agus oiriĂșnĂș dĂłibh. DĂ©antar faisnĂ©is cĂĄrta creidmheasa a chriptiĂș i gcĂłnaĂ­ le linn aistrithe thar lĂ­onraĂ­.

AontaĂ­onn tĂș gan aon chuid den tSeirbhĂ­s a atĂĄirgeadh, a dhĂșbailt, a chĂłipeĂĄil, a dhĂ­ol, a athdhĂ­ol nĂł a shaothrĂș, ĂșsĂĄid na SeirbhĂ­se, nĂł rochtain ar an tSeirbhĂ­s nĂł aon teagmhĂĄil ar an suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin trĂ­na gcuirtear an tseirbhĂ­s ar fĂĄil, gan cead sainrĂĄite i scrĂ­bhinn a fhĂĄil uainn .

TĂĄ na ceannteidil a ĂșsĂĄidtear sa chomhaontĂș seo san ĂĄireamh mar ĂĄis amhĂĄin agus nĂ­ chuirfidh siad teorainn leis na TĂ©armaĂ­ seo nĂĄ nĂ­ dhĂ©anfaidh siad difear ar shlĂ­ eile.


NĂ­limid freagrach mura bhfuil an fhaisnĂ©is a chuirtear ar fĂĄil ar an suĂ­omh seo cruinn, iomlĂĄn nĂł reatha. Cuirtear an t-ĂĄbhar ar an lĂĄithreĂĄn seo ar fĂĄil mar fhaisnĂ©is ghinearĂĄlta amhĂĄin agus nĂ­or cheart brath air nĂł a ĂșsĂĄid mar an t-aon bhunĂșs chun cinntĂ­ a dhĂ©anamh gan dul i gcomhairle le foinsĂ­ faisnĂ©ise prĂ­omhĂșla, nĂ­os cruinne, nĂ­os iomlĂĄine nĂł nĂ­os trĂĄthĂșla. Is ar do phriacal fĂ©in a bheifear ag brath ar an ĂĄbhar ar an lĂĄithreĂĄn seo.

D’fhĂ©adfadh eolas stairiĂșil ĂĄirithe a bheith ar an suĂ­omh seo. NĂ­ gĂĄ go bhfuil faisnĂ©is stairiĂșil reatha agus cuirtear ar fĂĄil Ă­ le haghaidh tagartha amhĂĄin. CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart chun ĂĄbhar an tsuĂ­mh seo a mhodhnĂș am ar bith, ach nĂ­l aon oibleagĂĄid orainn aon fhaisnĂ©is ar ĂĄr lĂĄithreĂĄn a nuashonrĂș. AontaĂ­onn tĂș go bhfuil tĂș freagrach as monatĂłireacht a dhĂ©anamh ar athruithe ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh.


TĂĄ praghsanna ĂĄr dtĂĄirgĂ­ faoi rĂ©ir athrĂș gan fĂłgra.

CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart ag am ar bith an tSeirbhĂ­s (nĂł aon chuid nĂł ĂĄbhar di) a mhodhnĂș nĂł a scor gan fĂłgra ag am ar bith.

NĂ­ bheidh muid faoi dhliteanas duitse nĂĄ d’aon trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ as aon mhodhnĂș, athrĂș praghais, fionraĂ­ nĂł scor den tSeirbhĂ­s.

ROINN 5 - TÁIRGÍ NÓ SEIRBHÍSÍ (má bhaineann)

D’fhĂ©adfadh go mbeadh tĂĄirgĂ­ nĂł seirbhĂ­sĂ­ ĂĄirithe ar fĂĄil go heisiach ar lĂ­ne trĂ­d an suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin. D’fhĂ©adfadh cainnĂ­ochtaĂ­ teoranta a bheith ag na tĂĄirgĂ­ nĂł na seirbhĂ­sĂ­ seo agus nĂ­ fĂ©idir iad a thabhairt ar ais nĂł a mhalartĂș ach amhĂĄin de rĂ©ir ĂĄr mBeartas um Fhilleadh.

Tå gach iarracht déanta againn na dathanna agus na híomhånna dår dtåirgí atå le feiceåil sa siopa a thaispeåint chomh cruinn agus is féidir. Ní féidir linn råthaíocht a thabhairt go mbeidh taispeåint mhonatóra do ríomhaire cruinn.

CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart, ach nĂ­l aon oibleagĂĄid orainn, dĂ­olachĂĄn ĂĄr dtĂĄirgĂ­ nĂł ĂĄr SeirbhĂ­sĂ­ a theorannĂș d'aon duine, rĂ©igiĂșn geografach nĂł dlĂ­nse. FĂ©adfaimid an ceart seo a fheidhmiĂș ar bhonn cĂĄs ar chĂĄs. CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart teorainn a chur le cainnĂ­ochtaĂ­ aon tĂĄirgĂ­ nĂł seirbhĂ­sĂ­ a chuirimid ar fĂĄil. TĂĄ gach tuairisc ar thĂĄirgĂ­ nĂł ar phraghsĂĄil tĂĄirgĂ­ faoi rĂ©ir a athrĂș ag am ar bith gan fĂłgra, de rĂ©ir mar is rogha linne amhĂĄin. CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart deireadh a chur le haon tĂĄirge ag am ar bith. TĂĄ aon tairiscint ar aon tĂĄirge nĂł seirbhĂ­s a dhĂ©antar ar an lĂĄithreĂĄn seo ar neamhnĂ­ nuair a thoirmisctear Ă©.

NĂ­l barĂĄntas againn go gcomhlĂ­onfaidh cĂĄilĂ­ocht aon tĂĄirgĂ­, seirbhĂ­sĂ­, faisnĂ©ise, nĂł ĂĄbhair eile a cheannaĂ­onn tĂș nĂł a gheobhaidh tĂș d’ionchais, nĂł go gceartĂłfar aon earrĂĄidĂ­ sa tSeirbhĂ­s.


CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart diĂșltĂș d’aon ordĂș a chuireann tĂș linn. FĂ©adfaimid, de rĂ©ir ĂĄr rogha fĂ©in amhĂĄin, cainnĂ­ochtaĂ­ a cheannaĂ­tear in aghaidh an duine, in aghaidh an teaghlaigh nĂł in aghaidh an ordaithe a theorannĂș nĂł a chealĂș. D’fhĂ©adfadh go n-ĂĄireofaĂ­ ar na srianta sin orduithe arna gcur ag an gcuntas custaimĂ©ara cĂ©anna nĂł faoi, an cĂĄrta creidmheasa cĂ©anna, agus/nĂł orduithe a ĂșsĂĄideann an seoladh billeĂĄla agus/nĂł seolta cĂ©anna. Sa chĂĄs go ndĂ©anaimid ordĂș a athrĂș nĂł a chealĂș, is fĂ©idir linn iarracht a dhĂ©anamh fĂłgra a thabhairt duit trĂ­ theagmhĂĄil a dhĂ©anamh leis an seoladh rĂ­omhphoist agus/nĂł seoladh billeĂĄla/uimhir theileafĂłin a solĂĄthraĂ­odh ag an am a rinneadh an t-ordĂș. CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart chun orduithe a theorannĂș nĂł a thoirmeasc ar dealraitheach, inĂĄr mbreithiĂșnas aonair, gur dĂ©ileĂĄlaithe, athdhĂ­oltĂłirĂ­ nĂł dĂĄileoirĂ­ iad.

AontaĂ­onn tĂș faisnĂ©is reatha, iomlĂĄn agus chruinn maidir le ceannach agus cuntas a sholĂĄthar do gach ceannach a dhĂ©antar ag ĂĄr siopa. AontaĂ­onn tĂș do chuntas agus faisnĂ©is eile a nuashonrĂș go pras, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear do sheoladh rĂ­omhphoist agus uimhreacha cĂĄrtaĂ­ creidmheasa agus dĂĄtaĂ­ Ă©aga, ionas gur fĂ©idir linn d’idirbhearta a chur i gcrĂ­ch agus teagmhĂĄil a dhĂ©anamh leat de rĂ©ir mar is gĂĄ.

Le haghaidh tuilleadh sonraĂ­, le do thoil athbhreithnigh ĂĄr mBeartas um Fhilleadh.


D’fhĂ©adfaimis rochtain a sholĂĄthar duit ar uirlisĂ­ trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ nach ndĂ©anaimid monatĂłireacht orthu nĂĄ nach bhfuil aon smacht nĂĄ ionchur againn orthu.

AithnĂ­onn tĂș agus aontaĂ­onn tĂș go gcuirimid rochtain ar a leithĂ©id d’uirlisĂ­ “mar atá” agus “mar atĂĄ ar fĂĄil” ar fĂĄil gan aon bharĂĄntas, uirĂ­ll nĂł coinnĂ­ollacha de chineĂĄl ar bith agus gan aon fhormhuiniĂș. NĂ­ bheidh aon dliteanas orainn a eascraĂ­onn as nĂł a bhaineann le hĂșsĂĄid uirlisĂ­ roghnacha trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­.

Is ar do phriacal agus ar do rogha fĂ©in go hiomlĂĄn aon ĂșsĂĄid a bhaineann tĂș as uirlisĂ­ roghnacha a thairgtear trĂ­d an lĂĄithreĂĄn agus ba chĂłir duit a chinntiĂș go bhfuil tĂș eolach ar na tĂ©armaĂ­ ar a solĂĄthraĂ­onn an solĂĄthraĂ­ trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ ĂĄbhartha agus go gceadaĂ­onn tĂș iad.

Féadfaimid freisin, amach anseo, seirbhísí agus/nó gnéithe nua a thairiscint tríd an suíomh Gréasåin (lena n-åirítear scaoileadh uirlisí agus acmhainní nua). Beidh gnéithe agus/nó seirbhísí nua den sórt sin faoi réir na dTéarmaí Seirbhíse seo freisin.


D’fhĂ©adfadh ĂĄbhair Ăł thrĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtithe a bheith san ĂĄireamh in ĂĄbhar, tĂĄirgĂ­ agus seirbhĂ­sĂ­ ĂĄirithe atĂĄ ar fĂĄil trĂ­d ĂĄr SeirbhĂ­s.

FĂ©adfaidh naisc trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ ar an lĂĄithreĂĄn seo tĂș a threorĂș chuig lĂĄithreĂĄin ghrĂ©asĂĄin trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ nach bhfuil cleamhnaithe linn. NĂ­limid freagrach as ĂĄbhar nĂł cruinneas a scrĂșdĂș nĂł a mheas agus nĂ­ bharĂĄntas agus nĂ­ bheidh aon dliteanas nĂł freagracht orainn as aon ĂĄbhar nĂł lĂĄithreĂĄin ghrĂ©asĂĄin trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­, nĂł as aon ĂĄbhar, tĂĄirgĂ­ nĂł seirbhĂ­sĂ­ eile de chuid trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtithe.

NĂ­l muid faoi dhliteanas i leith aon dochar nĂł damĂĄistĂ­ a bhaineann le ceannach nĂł ĂșsĂĄid earraĂ­, seirbhĂ­sĂ­, acmhainnĂ­, ĂĄbhar, nĂł aon idirbhearta eile a dhĂ©antar maidir le haon lĂĄithreĂĄin ghrĂ©asĂĄin trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­. DĂ©an athbhreithniĂș cĂșramach le do thoil ar bheartais agus ar chleachtais an trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ agus cinntigh go dtuigeann tĂș iad sula ndĂ©anann tĂș aon idirbheart. Ba cheart gearĂĄin, Ă©ilimh, ĂĄbhair imnĂ­ nĂł ceisteanna maidir le tĂĄirgĂ­ trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ a dhĂ­riĂș chuig an trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­.


MĂĄs rud Ă©, ar ĂĄr n-iarratas, go seolann tĂș aighneachtaĂ­ sonracha ĂĄirithe (iontrĂĄlacha comĂłrtais mar shampla) nĂł gan iarratas uainn seolann tĂș smaointe cruthaitheacha, moltaĂ­, moltaĂ­, pleananna, nĂł ĂĄbhair eile, cibĂ© acu ar lĂ­ne, trĂ­ rĂ­omhphost, trĂ­d an bpost, nĂł eile. (le chĂ©ile, ‘tuairimí’), aontaĂ­onn tĂș gur fĂ©idir linn, ag am ar bith, gan srian, eagarthĂłireacht a dhĂ©anamh, a chĂłipeĂĄil, a fhoilsiĂș, a dhĂĄileadh, a aistriĂș agus a ĂșsĂĄid ar bhealach eile in aon mheĂĄn aon tuairimĂ­ a sheolann tĂș chugainn. TĂĄimid agus nĂ­ bheidh aon oibleagĂĄid orainn (1) aon tuairimĂ­ a choinneĂĄil faoi rĂșn; (2) cĂșiteamh a Ă­oc as aon tuairimĂ­; nĂł (3) freagra a thabhairt ar aon tuairimĂ­.

D’fhĂ©adfaimis, ach nĂ­l aon oibleagĂĄid orainn, monatĂłireacht, eagarthĂłireacht nĂł baint a dhĂ©anamh ar ĂĄbhar a chinnimid dĂĄr rogha fĂ©in amhĂĄin atĂĄ neamhdhleathach, maslach, bagrach, leabhlach, clĂșmhillteach, pornagrafach, gĂĄirsiĂșil nĂł inlochtaithe ar shlĂ­ eile nĂł a shĂĄraĂ­onn maoin intleachtĂșil aon phĂĄirtĂ­ nĂł na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo. .

AontaĂ­onn tĂș nach sĂĄrĂłidh do thuairimĂ­ ceart aon trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear cĂłipcheart, trĂĄdmharc, prĂ­obhĂĄideacht, pearsantacht nĂł ceart pearsanta nĂł dĂ­lseĂĄnaigh eile. AontaĂ­onn tĂș freisin nach mbeidh ĂĄbhar leabhlach nĂł mĂ­dhleathach, maslach nĂł gĂĄirsiĂșil i do chuid tuairimĂ­, nĂł nach mbeidh aon vĂ­reas rĂ­omhaire nĂł malware eile ann a d'fhĂ©adfadh cur isteach ar aon bhealach ar oibriĂș na SeirbhĂ­se nĂł aon suĂ­omh grĂ©asĂĄin gaolmhar. NĂ­ fhĂ©adfaidh tĂș seoladh rĂ­omhphoist brĂ©agach a ĂșsĂĄid, ligean ort gur duine eile seachas tĂș fĂ©in Ă©, nĂĄ sinn nĂł trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtithe a chur amĂș ar bhealach eile maidir le bunĂșs aon tuairimĂ­. Is tusa amhĂĄin atĂĄ freagrach as aon tuairimĂ­ a thugann tĂș agus as a gcruinneas. NĂ­ ghlacaimid freagracht ar bith agus nĂ­ ghlacaimid aon dliteanas as aon tuairimĂ­ a phostĂĄlann tĂș fĂ©in nĂł aon trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­.


TĂĄ do chur isteach faisnĂ©ise pearsanta trĂ­d an siopa ĂĄ rialĂș ag ĂĄr mBeartas PrĂ­obhĂĄideachta. Chun fĂ©achaint ar ĂĄr bPolasaĂ­ PrĂ­obhĂĄideachta.


Ó am go chĂ©ile d’fhĂ©adfadh go mbeadh faisnĂ©is ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh nĂł sa tSeirbhĂ­s ina bhfuil earrĂĄidĂ­ clĂłghrafacha, mĂ­chruinneas nĂł easnaimh a d’fhĂ©adfadh a bheith bainteach le tuairiscĂ­ tĂĄirge, praghsĂĄil, cur chun cinn, tairiscintĂ­, tĂĄillĂ­ seolta tĂĄirgĂ­, amanna idirthurais agus infhaighteacht. CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart chun aon earrĂĄidĂ­, mĂ­chruinneas nĂł easnaimh a cheartĂș, agus faisnĂ©is a athrĂș nĂł a nuashonrĂș nĂł orduithe a chealĂș mĂĄ tĂĄ aon fhaisnĂ©is sa tSeirbhĂ­s nĂł ar aon lĂĄithreĂĄn grĂ©asĂĄin gaolmhar mĂ­chruinn ag am ar bith gan fĂłgra roimh rĂ© (lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear tar Ă©is duit d'ordĂș a chur isteach) .

NĂ­ gheallaimid aon oibleagĂĄid faisnĂ©is sa tSeirbhĂ­s nĂł ar aon lĂĄithreĂĄn grĂ©asĂĄin gaolmhar a nuashonrĂș, a leasĂș nĂł a shoilĂ©iriĂș, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear gan teorainn, faisnĂ©is phraghsĂĄla, ach amhĂĄin mar a cheanglaĂ­tear le dlĂ­. NĂ­or cheart glacadh leis go dtugann aon nuashonrĂș sonraithe nĂł dĂĄta athnuachana i bhfeidhm sa tSeirbhĂ­s nĂł ar aon lĂĄithreĂĄn grĂ©asĂĄin gaolmhar le fios go bhfuil an fhaisnĂ©is go lĂ©ir sa tSeirbhĂ­s nĂł ar aon lĂĄithreĂĄn grĂ©asĂĄin gaolmhar athraithe nĂł nuashonraithe.


Chomh maith le toirmisc eile mar atĂĄ leagtha amach sna TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se, tĂĄ tĂș toirmiscthe ĂșsĂĄid a bhaint as an suĂ­omh nĂł a bhfuil ann: (a) chun aon chrĂ­che neamhdhleathach; (b) iarraidh ar dhaoine eile aon ghnĂ­omhartha neamhdhleathacha a dhĂ©anamh nĂł pĂĄirt a ghlacadh iontu; (c) chun aon rialachĂĄin, rialacha, dlĂ­the, nĂł deasghnĂĄtha ĂĄitiĂșla idirnĂĄisiĂșnta, cĂłnaidhme, cĂșige nĂł stĂĄit a shĂĄrĂș; (d) ĂĄr gcearta maoine intleachtĂșla nĂł cearta maoine intleachtĂșla daoine eile a shĂĄrĂș nĂł a shĂĄrĂș; (e) ciapadh, mĂ­-ĂșsĂĄid, masladh, dochar a dhĂ©anamh, clĂșmhilleadh, clĂșmhilleadh, dĂ­speagadh, imeaglĂș nĂł idirdhealĂș a dhĂ©anamh ar bhonn inscne, claonadh gnĂ©asach, reiligiĂșn, eitneachas, cine, aois, bunĂșs nĂĄisiĂșnta, nĂł mĂ­chumas; (f) faisnĂ©is bhrĂ©agach nĂł mhĂ­threorach a thĂ­olacadh; (g) vĂ­ris nĂł aon chineĂĄl cĂłd mailĂ­seach eile a uaslĂłdĂĄil nĂł a tharchur a ĂșsĂĄidfear nĂł a fhĂ©adfar a ĂșsĂĄid ar aon bhealach a dhĂ©anfaidh difear d’fheidhmiĂșlacht nĂł d’oibriĂș na SeirbhĂ­se nĂł aon suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin gaolmhar, suĂ­omhanna grĂ©asĂĄin eile, nĂł an IdirlĂ­n; (h) faisnĂ©is phearsanta daoine eile a bhailiĂș nĂł a rianĂș; (i) turscar, phish, pharm, leithscĂ©al, damhĂĄn alla, crawl, nĂł scrape; (j) chun aon chrĂ­che graosta nĂł mĂ­mhorĂĄlta; nĂł (k) cur isteach ar ghnĂ©ithe slĂĄndĂĄla na SeirbhĂ­se nĂł aon lĂĄithreĂĄin ghrĂ©asĂĄin ghaolmhara, suĂ­omhanna grĂ©asĂĄin eile, nĂł an IdirlĂ­n nĂł dul timpeall orthu. CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart deireadh a chur le d’ĂșsĂĄid as an tSeirbhĂ­s nĂł as aon lĂĄithreĂĄn grĂ©asĂĄin gaolmhar chun aon cheann de na hĂșsĂĄidĂ­ toirmiscthe a shĂĄrĂș.


NĂ­ dhĂ©anaimid rĂĄthaĂ­ocht, ionadaĂ­ocht nĂł barĂĄntas go mbeidh d'ĂșsĂĄid ĂĄr seirbhĂ­s gan bhriseadh, trĂĄthĂșil, slĂĄn nĂł saor Ăł earrĂĄidĂ­.

NĂ­l barĂĄntas againn go mbeidh na torthaĂ­ a d’fhĂ©adfaĂ­ a fhĂĄil Ăł ĂșsĂĄid na seirbhĂ­se cruinn nĂł iontaofa.

AontaĂ­onn tĂș go bhfĂ©adfaimid Ăł am go chĂ©ile an tseirbhĂ­s a bhaint ar feadh trĂ©imhsĂ­ Ă©iginnte ama nĂł an tseirbhĂ­s a chur ar ceal am ar bith, gan fĂłgra a thabhairt duit.

AontaĂ­onn tĂș go sainrĂĄite gur ar do phriacal amhĂĄin atĂĄ d’ĂșsĂĄid, nĂł do Ă©agumas ĂșsĂĄid a bhaint as an tseirbhĂ­s. DĂ©antar an tseirbhĂ­s agus na tĂĄirgĂ­ agus na seirbhĂ­sĂ­ go lĂ©ir a sheachadtar chugat trĂ­d an tseirbhĂ­s a sholĂĄthar (ach amhĂĄin mar atĂĄ rĂĄite go sainrĂĄite againn) ‘mar atá’ agus ‘mar atĂĄ ar fĂĄil’ chun tĂș a ĂșsĂĄid, gan aon lĂ©iriĂș, barĂĄntas nĂł coinnĂ­ollacha de chineĂĄl ar bith, bĂ­odh sĂ© sainrĂĄite nĂł intuigthe, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear gach barĂĄntas intuigthe nĂł coinnĂ­ollacha inmhargaidheachta, cĂĄilĂ­ocht indĂ­olta, oiriĂșnacht chun crĂ­che ĂĄirithe, marthanacht, teideal, agus neamh-sĂĄrĂș.

NĂ­ bheidh Croc Lights, ĂĄr stiĂșrthĂłirĂ­, ĂĄr n-oifigigh, ĂĄr bhfostaithe, cleamhnaithe, gnĂ­omhairĂ­, conraitheoirĂ­, intĂ©irnigh, solĂĄthraithe, solĂĄthraithe seirbhĂ­se nĂł ceadĂșnaithe faoi dhliteanas i leith aon ghortĂș, caillteanas, Ă©ileamh, nĂł aon ghortĂș, caillteanas, Ă©ileamh, nĂł aon dhĂ­reach, indĂ­reach, teagmhasach, pionĂłsach, speisialta, nĂł damĂĄistĂ­ iarmhartacha de chineĂĄl ar bith, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear, gan teorainn brabĂșis a cailleadh, ioncam caillte, coigilteas caillte, cailleadh sonraĂ­, costais athsholĂĄthair, nĂł aon damĂĄiste dĂĄ samhail, cibĂ© acu atĂĄ siad bunaithe i gconradh, tort (lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear faillĂ­), dliteanas docht nĂł eile, a eascraĂ­onn as d’ĂșsĂĄid a bhaint as aon chuid den tseirbhĂ­s nĂł as aon tĂĄirgĂ­ arna solĂĄthar ag baint ĂșsĂĄide as an tseirbhĂ­s, nĂł as aon Ă©ileamh eile a bhaineann ar aon bhealach le hĂșsĂĄid na seirbhĂ­se nĂł aon tĂĄirge, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear, ach gan a bheith teoranta dĂłibh, aon earrĂĄidĂ­ nĂł easnaimh in aon ĂĄbhar, nĂł aon chaillteanas nĂł damĂĄiste de chineĂĄl ar bith a thabhaĂ­tear mar thoradh ar ĂșsĂĄid na seirbhĂ­se nĂł aon inneachair (nĂł tĂĄirge) a phostĂĄiltear, a tharchuirtear, nĂł a chuirtear ar fĂĄil ar bhealach eile trĂ­d an tseirbhĂ­s, fiĂș mĂĄ chuirtear in iĂșl dĂłibh gur fĂ©idir. Toisc nach gceadaĂ­onn roinnt stĂĄt nĂł dlĂ­nsĂ­ eisiamh nĂł teorannĂș dliteanais i leith damĂĄistĂ­ iarmhartacha nĂł teagmhasacha, sna stĂĄit nĂł sna dlĂ­nsĂ­ sin, beidh ĂĄr ndliteanas teoranta don mhĂ©id is mĂł a cheadaĂ­tear le dlĂ­.


AontaĂ­onn tĂș CROC-SHOLAIS neamhdhĂ­obhĂĄlach agus ĂĄr mĂĄthairchuideachta, fochuideachtaĂ­, cleamhnaithe, comhphĂĄirtithe, oifigeach, stiĂșrthĂłirĂ­, gnĂ­omhairĂ­, conraitheoirĂ­, ceadĂșnaithe, solĂĄthraithe seirbhĂ­se, fochonraitheoirĂ­, solĂĄthraithe, intĂ©irnigh agus fostaithe a shlĂĄnĂș, a chosaint agus a shealbhĂș, neamhdhĂ­obhĂĄlach Ăł aon Ă©ileamh nĂł Ă©ileamh, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear tĂĄillĂ­ rĂ©asĂșnta aturnaetha, arna ndĂ©anamh ag aon trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­ mar gheall ar nĂł ag Ă©irĂ­ as do shĂĄrĂș ar na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo nĂł na doicimĂ©id a ionchorpraĂ­onn siad faoi threoir, nĂł do shĂĄrĂș ar aon dlĂ­ nĂł cearta trĂ­Ăș pĂĄirtĂ­.


Sa chås go gcinntear go bhfuil aon fhoråil de na Téarmaí Seirbhíse seo neamhdhleathach, neamhní nó neamh-infheidhmithe, beidh an fhoråil sin in-fhorghníomhaithe mar sin féin a mhéid a cheadaítear leis an dlí is infheidhme, agus measfar an chuid neamh-infheidhmithe a bheith deighilte ó na Téarmaí seo de Seirbheåil, ní dhéanfaidh cinneadh den sórt sin difear do bhailíocht agus in-fhorghníomhaitheacht aon fhorålacha eile a bheidh fågtha.


Mairfidh oibleagĂĄidĂ­ agus dliteanais na bpĂĄirtithe arna dtabhĂș roimh an dĂĄta foirceanta ar fhoirceannadh an chomhaontaithe seo chun gach crĂ­che.

TĂĄ na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo i bhfeidhm mura rud Ă© agus go dtĂ­ go bhfoirceannann tusa nĂł sinne. FĂ©adfaidh tĂș na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo a fhoirceannadh trĂĄth ar bith trĂ­ chur in iĂșl dĂșinn nach mian leat ĂĄr SeirbhĂ­sĂ­ a ĂșsĂĄid a thuilleadh, nĂł nuair a scoirfidh tĂș d’ĂșsĂĄid ĂĄr suĂ­omh.

MĂĄs rud Ă© inĂĄr mbreithiĂșnas aonair a theipeann ort, nĂł mĂĄ tĂĄ amhras orainn gur theip ort, aon tĂ©arma nĂł solĂĄthar de na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo a chomhlĂ­onadh, fĂ©adfaimid an comhaontĂș seo a fhoirceannadh ag am ar bith gan fĂłgra agus beidh tĂș fĂłs faoi dhliteanas i leith na suimeanna go lĂ©ir atĂĄ dlite. go dtĂ­ an dĂĄta foirceanta agus an dĂĄta sin san ĂĄireamh; agus/nĂł rochtain ar ĂĄr SeirbhĂ­sĂ­ (nĂł aon chuid dĂ­obh) a dhiĂșltĂș duit dĂĄ rĂ©ir.


MĂĄ theipeann orainn aon cheart nĂł solĂĄthar de na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo a fheidhmiĂș nĂł a fhorghnĂ­omhĂș, nĂ­ bheidh sĂ© ina tharscaoileadh ar an gceart nĂł ar an bhforĂĄil sin.

Is ionann na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo agus aon bheartais nĂł rialacha oibriĂșchĂĄin a phostĂĄlaimid ar an suĂ­omh seo nĂł maidir leis an tSeirbhĂ­s an comhaontĂș agus an tuiscint iomlĂĄn idir tĂș fĂ©in agus sinne agus rialaĂ­onn tĂș d’ĂșsĂĄid as an tSeirbhĂ­s, ag dul in ionad aon chomhaontuithe, cumarsĂĄidĂ­ agus tograĂ­ roimh rĂ© nĂł comhaimseartha. , bĂ­odh sĂ© Ăł bhĂ©al nĂł i scrĂ­bhinn, idir tĂș fĂ©in agus sinne (lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear, ach gan a bheith teoranta do, aon leaganacha roimhe seo de na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se).

NĂ­ dhĂ©anfar aon dĂ©bhrĂ­ochtaĂ­ i lĂ©iriĂș na dTĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo a fhorlĂ©iriĂș i gcoinne an phĂĄirtĂ­ drĂ©achtaithe.


Beidh na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo agus aon chomhaontuithe ar leith trĂ­na gcuirimid SeirbhĂ­sĂ­ ar fĂĄil duit faoi rialĂș agus forlĂ©iriĂș de rĂ©ir dhlĂ­the na Cipire.


Is fĂ©idir leat an leagan is dĂ©anaĂ­ de na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se a athbhreithniĂș ag am ar bith ar an leathanach seo.

CoimeĂĄdaimid an ceart, dĂĄr rogha fĂ©in amhĂĄin, aon chuid de na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo a nuashonrĂș, a athrĂș nĂł a athsholĂĄthar trĂ­ nuashonruithe agus athruithe a phostĂĄil ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin. Is ortsa atĂĄ an fhreagracht seiceĂĄil a dhĂ©anamh ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin Ăł am go chĂ©ile le haghaidh athruithe. Is ionann do ĂșsĂĄid leanĂșnach nĂł rochtain ar ĂĄr suĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin nĂł ar an tSeirbhĂ­s tar Ă©is postĂĄil aon athruithe ar na TĂ©armaĂ­ SeirbhĂ­se seo agus glacadh leis na hathruithe sin.


Ba cheart ceisteanna faoi na Téarmaí Seirbhíse a chur chugainn ag service@croclights.com .Whatsapp/Líne: +1 (636) 775-6668.


Sea! Ar thĂĄille aonuaire seolfar gach MĂ­r Loingseoireachta Sloinn atĂĄ i d’ordĂș mar a luaitear thĂ­os.

Is ardĂĄn siopadĂłireachta soilse croc ar lĂ­ne muid a sholĂĄthraĂ­onn Ă©agsĂșlacht earraĂ­ agus seirbhĂ­sĂ­ ardchaighdeĂĄin duit. Is Ă© an misean atĂĄ againn nĂĄ an taithĂ­ siopadĂłireachta is fearr is fĂ©idir a sholĂĄthar dĂĄr gcustaimĂ©irĂ­, rud a fhĂĄgann go mbeidh sĂ© compordach agus sĂĄsĂșil earraĂ­ a cheannach.
TacaĂ­mid le modhanna Ă­ocaĂ­ochta iolracha, lena n-ĂĄirĂ­tear PayPal, Ă­ocaĂ­ocht Shopify, agus pĂĄ Lianlian, chun do shlĂĄndĂĄil Ă­ocaĂ­ochta a chinntiĂș. Bainimid ĂșsĂĄid as na teicneolaĂ­ochtaĂ­ slĂĄndĂĄla is dĂ©anaĂ­, ar nĂłs criptiĂș SSL agus cosaint fioscaireachta, chun d’fhaisnĂ©is phearsanta agus d’fhaisnĂ©is Ă­ocaĂ­ochta a chosaint.
Ar mhaithe le slĂĄndĂĄil in idirbhearta Ă­ocaĂ­ochta idirnĂĄisiĂșnta, Is fĂ©idir leat ĂșsĂĄid a bhaint as PayPal idirbheart.
Ina theannta sin, is fĂ©idir leat idirbheart a dhĂ©anamh trĂ­ uimhreacha cĂĄrtaĂ­ a iontrĂĄil gan PayPal Log-in (SĂ­nigh isteach), nĂł (mĂĄs fĂ©idir) is fĂ©idir leat do chuntas bainc a ĂșsĂĄid freisin.
Is bealach nĂ­os sĂĄbhĂĄilte agus nĂ­os Ă©asca Ă© PayPal chun airgead a sheoladh agus a fhĂĄil ar lĂ­ne. Nuair a roghnaĂ­onn tĂș PayPal mar an modh Ă­ocaĂ­ochta, beidh tĂș nasctha leis an suĂ­omh PayPal ĂĄit ar fĂ©idir leat Ă­ocaĂ­ocht a dhĂ©anamh.
Is fĂ©idir PayPal a ĂșsĂĄid chun earraĂ­ a cheannach le CĂĄrta Creidmheasa (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, agus American Express), CĂĄrta Dochair, nĂł E-seiceĂĄil (.i. ag baint ĂșsĂĄide as do Chuntas Bainc rialta).

  1. Tar Ă©is duit do chuid mĂ­reanna a fheiceĂĄil ar leathanach do thralaĂ­ siopadĂłireachta, is fĂ©idir leat cliceĂĄil agus seiceĂĄil amach le PayPal. Ansin fĂĄgfaidh tĂș ĂĄr suĂ­omh agus cuirfidh tĂș isteach ar shuĂ­omh GrĂ©asĂĄin PayPal.
  2. Is fĂ©idir leat sĂ­niĂș isteach ar do chuntas PayPal, nĂł is fĂ©idir leat ceann nua a chruthĂș mura bhfuil ceann agat.
  3. Is fĂ©idir leat an PayPal a ĂșsĂĄid mar is mian leat de rĂ©ir na dtreoracha ar an scĂĄileĂĄn.
  4. Mura bhfuil tĂș ag iarraidh clĂĄrĂș le haghaidh PayPal, ceadaĂ­onn CaighdeĂĄn ÍocaĂ­ochta GrĂ©asĂĄin PayPal duit Ă­oc le do chuntas PayPal nĂł le cĂĄrtaĂ­ creidmheasa ar bith gan sĂ­niĂș le haghaidh cuntas PayPal ar dtĂșs.

De ghnĂĄth, tĂłgfaidh PayPal r-sheiceĂĄil 3-5 lĂĄ gnĂł le deimhniĂș ag PayPal.
Na fĂĄthanna a mholaimid duit PayPal a ĂșsĂĄid:
TĂĄ an Ă­ocaĂ­ocht inrianaithe. TrĂ­ do chuntas PayPal a ĂșsĂĄid, is fĂ©idir leat stĂĄdas d’íocaĂ­ochta a rianĂș.
Nuair a dhĂ©anann tĂș Ă­ocaĂ­ocht as d’ordĂș, nĂ­ gĂĄ duit do chĂĄrta creidmheasa a ĂșsĂĄid ar lĂ­ne (is fĂ©idir leat aistriĂș go dĂ­reach Ăł do chuntas bainc).
Nuair a ĂșsĂĄideann tĂș do chĂĄrta creidmheasa trĂ­ PayPal, nĂ­ fheicfidh duine ar bith uimhir do chĂĄrta creidmheasa, rud a Ă­oslaghdĂłidh an baol ĂșsĂĄide neamhĂșdaraithe.
MĂĄ bhĂ­onn aon fhadhb agat le linn an phrĂłisis Ă­ocaĂ­ochta, seol rĂ­omhphost chugam ag Service@croclights.com Whatsapp/Line:+1 636 775 6668.

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People also ask

Battery Model/Type:

  1. Turn the croc light anti-clockwise to Unscrew the head of the light.
  2. Remove the insulation pad between the two batteries.
  3. Make sure the batteries are kept in positive and negative directions.
  4. Tighten up properly to avoid poor contact.
  5. If the battery runs out, replace the battery.

Recharge Model/Type:

  1. Croc Lights for charging come in various styles.
  2. To charge, rotate the crocodile light counterclockwise, unscrew the light head, or locate the charging port cover on the side of the light.
  3. Open the cover and insert the USB charging cable into the port. The charging indicator light will illuminate, indicating that charging is in progress. A change in the indicator light's color signifies a fully charged lithium battery.
  4. Tighten correctly to avoid poor contact and prevent water ingress.

【Reusable for 10000 Hours】The upgraded rechargeable battery uses environmentally friendly materials and is recyclable. It can be used for more than 10,000 hours, which is equivalent to buying 280 CR2032 batteries for shoe lights. Please choose the rechargeable version when making a purchase.

【IPX6 Waterproof and Durable】Equipped with a silicone ring sealing interface, it can easily handle rainy weather and dew on the grass during camping. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it is resistant to drops and rust. IPX6 waterproof rating ensures reliable performance in sunny, rainy, dry, and various outdoor environments.

【Upgraded Hidden Switch】Easily switch between three different light modes by pressing on the head of the Croc lights -always bright, flashing, or flashing slowly)- so you can choose a suitable mode according to your need.

【Small and Stable】The "croc headlight attachment" is extremely lightweight and can be carried with you anywhere. With a diameter of 0.9 inches and weighing only 18g, it fits tightly onto shoes, so you won't feel them during outdoor activities. Suitable for children over 4 years old and adult shoes.

【Bright and Long-Lasting】These croc head lights are brighter than a phone flashlight and illuminate a distance exceeding 33 feet. They can be powered by replaceable batteries or charged through the USB port, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements, reducing hassle, and saving money.

【Fantastic Gift Idea】These LED croc headlights are cute and useful, bright and lightweight, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities in the dark. They are suitable for walking the dog, hiking, camping, running, parties, and more. This novelty hands-free light is a great gift for adults and children who love Crocs shoes.

Although it is a light product, we provide perfect warranty service with the Croc lights. Return or full refund within 30 days, one-year warranty period and 24-hour email or Whatsapp service.


croc shoe lights

Our brand cause is all about supporting abandoned and needy kids & helping them with a home, family, education, and all the happiness of life. Every year, millions of kids left abandoned by their parents. Some of them either lose their lives or become victims of bad or illegal practices.

croc shoe lights

It's not only up to you to donate to needy. Our 25% revenue goes to charities working to help those orphaned and poor kids to make their lives beautiful. From croclights.com you're not buying happiness for yourself or your loved ones only, 25% of your purchase will also be used to make those kids smile.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas or any special occasion? Look no further! Our hands-free, stylish Croc Lights provide extra safety and visibility for night-time activities like walking your dog, running, and hiking. Plus, they make a unique and fun gift for friends and family and light up a huge smile on anyone's face.

Long Lasting & Super Bright

Navigate the dark with ease using Croc Lights! Brighter than a phone flashlight and with a range of over 10 meters, these headlights ensure you won't stumble in the dark. With a runtime of over 72 hours, they're a reliable source of light for any situation. Shop Croc Lights now and light up your world!

Style your Crocs

Take your Crocs to the next level with CrocLights! These innovative headlights attach easily to the front of your footwear, providing bright and reliable illumination for your night-time adventures. Stay safe and stylish all at once with Croc Lights!