Croc Lights - A High-Quality, Waterproof and Rechargeable Headlight for Your Night Life

Croc Lights is a new and improved headlight that will revolutionize the way you light up your night life. Unlike other croc headlights on the market that use CR2032 button batteries, this croc headlight has a built-in rechargeable battery (200mAh) that can be charged through the USB port. This means you don't have to constantly replace the battery, saving you time and money.

With Croc Lights, you have four different lighting modes to choose from. Simply keep gently pressing the "ON/OFF" button on the side of the product, and the light modes are constant high light mode, constant low light mode, high light burst mode, and in any mode, long press "ON/OFF" for 5 seconds to enter SOS mode. The headlight's built-in LED light can reach a lighting distance of up to 20M, providing you with ample light for your outdoor activities.

Croc Lights are also IPX6 waterproof, making them perfect for use in extreme weather conditions. The charging port with waterproof silicone accessories ensures that the headlight will stay waterproof, even when it's used in the rain or during wild camping trips.

The Croc Lights' head can be adjusted up and down by 90°, providing you with the perfect lighting direction. The headlight's fine workmanship and lightweight design means that it will stay stable while you're walking or running, even without a handle.

Croc Lights are the perfect gift for any night owl who loves to light up their night life. Whether you're going for a walk, camping, or attending a party, Croc Lights will light up your night and keep you safe. Order yours today and experience the difference a high-quality headlight can make in your life!

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