Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

Recently, crocs shoes are often on the hot search, # buy holey shoes your life is set #, # do not go near holey shoes, will become unfortunate # and so on, one can not help but wonder, a pair of crocs shoes have so much power? How can it bring bad luck or even change your life?

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

In fact, these words are indicating that contemporary young people and Crocs shoes are hard to part with. Once you start wearing Crocs, you will never take them off again, you will wear them to pick up express delivery, go to class, go to work, go shopping, go for a walk, go for an outing to climb a mountain, and even go to formal occasions and do not want to take them off, you will wear them to a meeting or even to a wedding. After that, you will not buy other shoes, the rest of the shoes are replaced by Crocs, and Crocs will also appear with the "hole door molecule" in each and every occasion that it should not appear.

  So, such a pair of "ugly shoes" how to derive a "hole in the door" has a number of "believers", and how to realize the "eternal survival! "?

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

  From boating exclusive to "hole door forever".

  In fact, when it comes to cavernous shoes, the brand we can think of is Crocs, and the cognition of "cavernous shoes = Crocs" has already been established. So to review the history of the development of cavernous shoes is in fact to review the history of brand growth of Crocs.

  In 2002, under the joint efforts of the three founders, a shape and slippers similar to the upper covered with holes when there is a non-slip, can be rotated to the birth of boating shoes, which is the cavernous shoes. In the same year, this shoe came to the boating sports exhibition, attention, Crocs was formally established. 4 years later, Crocs listed, and in the year after the listing of sales growth of 137% over the previous year's performance.

  But only a year later, in 2008, the financial crisis hit, and Crocs was on the verge of bankruptcy, only to slow down and turn a profit in 2010. In the following decade, Crocs steady progress, tried to shift the focus to products other than cave shoes, but ultimately back to cave shoes, especially in 2017, began to increase the marketing efforts and other well-known brand co-branding, so that its fame rose, also in this decade, Chinese consumers recognize the brand, but then, it is still only as a beach shoe.

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

  In 2020, Crocs ushered in the "second spring", it ate the epidemic home economy and comfortable slack sense of dividends, in most brands by the epidemic impact, but realized an annual profit of 300 million U.S. dollars, the stock rose more than 200% of the good results, but the best performance is still the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region is the worst performance. After 2020, Chinese consumers will no longer think of them as flip-flops and beach shoes, and people will start to bring cavernous shoes into more scenarios.

  This year, in the loose sense of casualness, Internet seeding, star hipsters on the body recommended, creative DIY and other factors, hole shoes in China overnight fire, became a part of the young people's body. Data show that in the first quarter of this year, Crocs Asia-Pacific revenue grew 46.1% year-on-year.

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

  Top 5 reasons to love Crocs

  If you like someone, you may not be able to say why, but if you love a brand, there must be a reason. For example, the five keywords for young people to get hooked on cavernous shoes are: comfort, versatility, accessories, endorsement and co-branding.

  Comfort is the foundation

  Before the big fire of cavernous shoes, many doctors and nurses wore them as work shoes, and the most eye-catching thing on the posters of the Korean drama "The Life of a Witty Doctor" is the pair of cavernous shoes for human feet. Won't slippers be inconvenient? Regular slippers might be, but Crocs is a pro when it comes to comfort. First of all, Crocs' hole design makes it more breathable; secondly, the sole is thicker and softer, with a "shit-like" comfort; lastly, the semi-closed structure and a backstrap provide more stability and firmness than flip-flops; in addition, the quick-drying and non-waterlogging design also makes it more comfortable than other shoes in more scenarios.

  From President George W. Bush to Prince George of the United Kingdom to doctors and nurses and every consumer, the first reason why everyone loves cavernous shoes is that they are comfortable.

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

  Versatility is key

  People who have a little research on wearing know that wearing a good look, shoes play a key role, so different clothes naturally with different shoes, formal assembly with high heels and leather shoes, daily sports shoes, go to the beach with flip-flops and beach shoes, loose and comfortable with straw shoes and cloth shoes ...... Such a set of down, each person less need more than ten pairs of shoes, more need tens of hundreds of shoes, wear this body of clothing with what shoes, become part of the interest of people, but also become another part of the people's troubles.

  However, the emergence of hole shoes solved this problem, no matter what clothes to wear, can be matched with hole shoes. Everyday wear with hole shoes belongs to the routine operation, slightly more formal clothes with hole shoes also have more characteristics and personality, hole shoes in all scenes "pervasive". Compared with flip-flops, hole shoes are more formal, and compared with the usual shoes, it is more spontaneous and more personalized. With the comprehensive attributes of flip-flops and everyday shoes, it determines the versatile temperament of cavernous shoes, which is also a big reason why cavernous shoes can't be taken off once they are worn.

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

  Accessories are an advantage

  In fact, Crocs daily style is not variable, often in the thickness of the sole and color with the article, but know Crocs must know what is JIBBITZ, JIBBITZ is a decorative buckle, can be fixed in the hole hole in each hole hole, so that a thousand holes in the hole hole shoes transformed into an exclusive work of art of their own, do not have to worry about and other people hit the shoes, each pair of unique, reflecting the mood and personality. Each pair of shoes is unique, reflecting the mood and personality.

  At present, Crocs JIBBITZ has been very rich, can well meet the needs of consumers. For example, the IP licensed series has a full range of Super Mario, Disney, Pokémon Marvel, Snoopy, etc.; the Creative National Tide series is specially customized for Chinese consumers; the Texture Trend series is filled with a variety of materials and cool shapes; in addition, a number of series such as Tasty Cuisine, Sports and Outdoor, Wonderful Holiday, Animal World, and Fun Cartoon, which include almost all the decorative motifs that you would like to have.

  Endorsements are a boost

  In the past few years, China has become the most important potential market for Crocs, and it has become a key strategy to join hands with artists and celebrities favored by young Chinese consumers in order to attract their attention.Crocs first signed Nana Ouyang as the brand's global energetic spokesperson, and then officially announced in March last year that Bai Jingting would be the Crocs global fashion spokesperson, and then partnered with Zhou Yutong to be the glamorous spokesperson in China.

  These spokespersons have helped Crocs occupy the minds of millions of celebrity fans, making celebrity models become out-of-stock models, and the temperament of the chosen spokespersons is very compatible with the brand, simple, clean, youthful, energetic and innovative, which once again strengthens the brand image.

  Co-branding is a boost

  Crocs co-branded with Balenciaga to launch "hole high heels" and "hole boots" by a number of celebrities and hipsters on the feet; and Salehe Bembury to create the Pollex Clog for the hole shoes brought a revolution; Cooperation with Staple let pigeons fall on the hole shoes; not long ago, and co-branded with the production of strange shoes known as MSCHF to bring a big yellow boots "Big Yellow Boot"; in recent days, hand in hand with the sports brand Satisfy to create a sports new models .... Crocs never stops co-branding.

  Although most of them are fashionable tools and can't be hand in hand like regular models, the constant co-branding innovations on the one hand allow Crocs to have a place in the fashion circle of the trendy fashion circle, and on the other hand, it has been attracting consumers with new products to keep the brand's hotness.

  Endorsement, co-branding is a common brand marketing strategy, for Crocs the most important thing is still and the current young consumers' aesthetic and consumer psychology fit, so the fire of the hole shoes actually reflects the changes of young consumers.

  "A shoe to go all over the world" is a change in consumer psychology

  From the left a pair of right a pair of new shoes purchased to be "centipede shoes king" to a pair of hole shoes to go all over the world, this group of young people to buy shoes behind the concept of change is actually reflected in the aesthetic and consumer psychology of the constant change. From the fire of Crocs, it can be seen that young people's preferences are changing towards such a trend.

  Trend one: rational consumption, pragmatism

  Today's consumers, especially young consumers in the consumer decision-making more thoughtful, in the non-completely necessary expenditures, they try to spend a small amount of money to do big things, will save money in the interest of the place. The group of people who used to be more expensive than their sneakers have grown up, and now they are more practical than their shoes are cost-effective. A pair of hole shoes can solve most of the needs, even when wearing a new style of clothing, hole shoes can be perfectly matched, naturally became their choice.

  It is also in the trend of pragmatism, more and more young consumers will be comfortable and casual on the first dress, simple style, meticulous tailoring, comfortable fabrics, no longer fancy but has a natural relaxation of the beauty.

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

  Trend two: even if simple, a lot of personality

  Little red book quietly emerging a Crocs dress up creative competition, plus JIBBITZ is just a regular operation, a variety of chains, ribbons, lining can be matched with Crocs, made their own exclusive models, although the style of the hole shoes is simple, but highlights the personality can not be less. Young people need "simple but not simple" products, to provide them with products can be like a clean canvas, with colorful brushes, let them play and create with their own mind.

  Trend 3: Diverse aesthetics, not tied down

  There are a lot of stars and celebrities have openly expressed the feeling that hole shoes are ugly, never wear, hole door molecules also understand that hole shoes are absolutely not the traditional meaning of beautiful, but as long as they like why care about the beauty and ugliness, and the beauty and ugliness of the original is different from person to person. Previously, we may have been "single aesthetic" wrapped up in the beauty and ugliness has become a non-black and white thing, a lot of individuality and preferences so suppressed, and now young people call for aesthetic diversity, to a more tolerant mindset to look at things. For example, the "garbage bag backpack", "brain flower cap", Mattachine dolls, etc., although they are all named "ugly things" name, but still won a part of the consumer's favorite.

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

  Trend 4: Circle "contagion", ride with goods

  The creativity and individuality of young consumers are not limited to adding some small decorations, Crocs have so many colors, if they can wear two colors at the same time may be more in line with their hearts. But buy two pairs of cost goes up, so they recommend to the people around them, each buy a pair of two people and then merge, in such a recommendation, more consumers are cavernous shoes grass. Sharing the love of things is an important topic for young people together, they do not hesitate to share their heart treasure to others, so if you can stimulate their desire to share, so that they spontaneously for the brand to bring goods, open up new users is not a difficult task.

  Trend 5: Crocs + Lights, another new creative design
Since last year croc lights company launched the shoe lights, has been on fire around the world, in tiktok single video playback amounted to 50 million, once let crocs pushed to a hotter direction, croc lights design makes many fans bright, if you still don't know about croc lights, then it can only mean that you're out of the way, hurry up to give you and your Buy a pair of croc lights for you and your family, he will wrap up all your happiness this year.

Crocs are on fire, the trend reversal of a pair of ugly shoes

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