Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

What does Crocs take to conquer young consumers?

The Internet era is changing rapidly, people's aesthetics are also constantly developing, the pursuit of all kinds of fashion wear become young people's life faith. The trend of wearing has not only clothing and accessories, even shoes have become a category that people can not ignore for fashion collocation.

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

Image source: TikTok

According to the search on TikTok, the topic about fashion trends has 201.5B views. Overseas consumers are more fervent in the pursuit of fashion, and they like novelty, interesting and anti-conventional wear, and are eager to walk in the front of fashion.

In the past two years, the Crocs brand has become famous, and Crocs hole shoes are favored by consumers at home and abroad. This looks mediocre, and even let people feel ugly and dirt hole shoes, but frequently out of the circle, Crocs hole shoes in fact cast what "magic", so that many fashionistas, celebrities are to buy for it?


Crocs zigzag development

Crocs hole shoes, looks very casual, many people must think it is a slipper or sandal, unexpected, it is actually a sports shoes.Crocs has been established 10 years ago, in 2002 Scott in the market can not find suitable rowing shoes, and as a rowing enthusiasts, Scott and his good friend Hansen opened the road of research.

Source: Crocs official website

Scott used Croslite resin as the main raw material for hole shoes, which has the advantages of light texture, waterproof, anti-bacteria, fatigue relief, etc. Crocs hole shoes were born. Crocs hole shoes with comfortable, lightweight, breathable and other characteristics quickly became the water sports, hospitals, kitchens and other places of the regular shoes, a moment of popularity in the United States.

In 2007, the market value of Crocs brand reached 6 billion U.S. dollars and successfully listed, but the good times did not last long, Crocs blindly expand the product line, to do "a variety of" all kinds of shoes and other daily products, ignoring the upgrading of the hole shoes and research, resulting in damage to the brand's influence, and the successive recession, and even a year of losses of nearly 185 million U.S. dollars, so that it gradually faded in the public eye.

Crocs brand, silent for a long time, meditative reflection and re-examination of the hole shoes, re-emerged in front of consumers.

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

Figure source: crocs 2022 q2 quarterly financial report

According to Crocs 2021 Q4 quarter financial report disclosure, 2021 Crocs full year operating income amounted to 2.314 billion dollars, year-on-year growth of nearly 67% or so, Crocs shoes sold about 103 million pairs worldwide.

According to the 2022 Crocs second quarter financial report, the second quarter operating income amounted to 965 million U.S. dollars, an increase of nearly 937 million U.S. dollars than the market is expected to grow, the growth rate is very impressive, is expected to reach nearly 5 billion U.S. dollars in sales in 2026.

A pair of simple ordinary hole shoes in the end what makes Crocs brand "back from the dead", regaining consumer "favor"?


Cross-border joint name out of the circle

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

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In 2017, one of the shoes that caught fire at Paris Fashion Week was FOAM, a co-branded shoe jointly launched by Crocs and Balenciage.

FOAM breaks the traditional hole shoes design, the height of the previous hole shoes on the sole of the overall increase of 10 centimeters, and in the hole embellished with Balenciage's brand logo and a variety of small accessories, to become the "eye-catching pen".FOAM launched quickly on the hot search, by the majority of netizens are talking about a lot of people think that Most people think that the unique matching design is particularly trendy and cool, some people have a neutral attitude, but the product was sold out on the day it was launched. In this regard, the Crocs brand back to the public's field of vision, opened the co-branding journey.

Crocs brand by virtue of co-branding out of the circle, increasing the co-branding cooperation with other fashion brands, classic film and television, animation and other co-branding, crazy production of a variety of co-branded models, "hole shoes" on the cross-border road of co-branding.

Crocs and Disney, Pocahontas, Harry Potter, Star Wars, 7-11 convenience stores, Chinatown Maekrt, Carrots, KFC, Belle Reve, Vera Bradley and other well-known brands to cooperate, design countless pairs of cross-border co-branded shoes.

Crocs cross-border co-branding novelty ideas collide with the influence of other well-known brands, can really attract the attention of countless overseas consumers, personality and fun design, quickly known by young people, and become the trend of fashion sought after. Quirky, fashionable and novel style allows Crocs to be recognized by consumers again, harvesting unanimous praise, and successfully establish and spread the brand image.

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

Image source: Crocs official website


DIY Creative Marketing

Crocs official website top project column carefully set up preferential policies, women's shoes, men's shoes, children's shoes, DIY shoes accessories and workplace and other items to choose from, so as to facilitate the user to quickly shop and accurately find what they need.

Crocs cavernous shoes back into the hot sales and not just rely on co-branding with other brands, another highlight of its into the hearts of young people, that is, the sale of DIY cavernous shoes and accessories, to meet the young consumers do-it-yourself fun.

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

Image source:Crocs

The DIY accessories for Crocs cavernous shoes come in a variety of co-branded baubles, funny numbered letters, quirky objects, cute animals, and more, which users can shop for, and which are priced in a variety of styles from $4.99-$19.99.

Who wouldn't want to have unique shoes? Buy Crocs hole shoes at the same time buy Crocs DIY accessories can also enjoy exclusive discounts, customize the concept of trend matching, but also successful in attracting the attention of consumers to increase the desire to buy.


Social media marketing

Crocs has also spent a lot of energy on brand marketing after "coming back from the dead", and Crocs has invited a lot of big-name celebrities to endorse its products, such as Yang Mi, Bai Jingting, Ouyang Nana, etc. In addition, Crocs has been using social media to promote its products. In addition, Crocs in the social media marketing matrix should not be underestimated.

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

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According to the observation, "#Crocs, #iloveCrocs" topic on TikTok has 6B, 3.8M views respectively, Crocs official account on TikTok fans amounted to 788.1K, the account content is the content of the life scene in the hole shoes, a variety of sticker game video shooting, Crocs hole shoes trend collocation sharing, etc. A total of 5.4M likes, which shows the popularity of Crocs on TikTok. Crocs' official account on TikTok has 788.1K followers, and the content of the account is the content of life scene wearing hole shoes, video shooting of various sticker games, and the sharing of Crocs' hole shoes' trend collocation, etc. The account has gained a total of 5.4M likes, which is evident that Crocs is popular on TikTok.

In addition to the establishment of TikTok account, Crocs also has a layout on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media, with the number of followers of 1.597M, 1.46M, 30.4K, 159K respectively.

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

Source: Instagram

Crocs will be on social media accounts for product release, the content cover is usually bright colors, color matching novelty, unique shape, quirky and interesting elements, through the visual impact to attract users' attention, so that the content is closer to the aesthetics of overseas consumers, the collision of fashion so that young people are more prone to consume for them.

In addition, Crocs also attaches great importance to community operation, and will release the purchase content shared by consumers to attract more people's attention.

croc lights
Crocs hole shoes DIY accessories although there are many styles, but there has been no novelty with functional accessories, the fall of 2022 croc lights company seized the market demand, after 11 months of research and development, launched the first shoe lights on the market, the product was released, was purchased by the consumer to buy this product made a video on tiktok The video in tiktok harvested 50 million plays, the product pushed to the hot search, the company after nearly a year of improvement, has launched dozens of new croc lights, let consumers fall in love with croc lights at the same time, more like crocs.

"Crocs sells 100 million pairs of shoes in a year, and Crocs is back from the dead thanks to co-branding.

Image source: Croc lights official
Write in the end:

In fact, the success of Crocs once again is not just as simple as brand co-branding and focusing on social media marketing.

Crocs insight into consumer demand, with the concept of environmental protection, public welfare to fit the hearts of overseas users, before the arrival of major holidays Crocs will take advantage of the situation marketing and issue the corresponding discount coupons, design interesting play, so that they walk in the forefront, is the Crocs brand conquered the consumers, become a fashionable tide brand secret!

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