MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

The MSCHF is back with a bang, teaming up with CROCS to release a pair of tall yellow holey boots, worn by rapper Tommy Cash at Paris Fashion Week. The "Astro Boy" red boots have caused a lot of buzz, and now MSCHF is doing it again with the "cartoon boots", but why is this rebellious art team collaborating with classic casual footwear brand CROCS?

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

Tommy Cash wearing CROCS x MSCHF yellow holey boots|Via MSCHF

As we mentioned in our previous article, CROCS shoes are wearable, comfortable, and versatile, making them the originator of the holey shoes, and at the same time, basic shoes such as the "holey shoes" give enough "space" for the partners to "play", and what's more important is the fact that CROCS has collaborated with various brands in different fields such as MSCHF, luxury brand BALENCIAGA, and beauty brand Benefit, and so on. The brand is good at breaking its own rules in many fields, and "breaks into" the fashion field with different postures.

If you know a little bit about Tommy Cash's quirky personality, you can tell that this "fashion geek" never limits himself to ordinary outfits, and often shows up at major fashion weeks with new and innovative looks. Another rapper with similar fashion acumen is Lil Nas X, who frequently wows the crowd with his colorful, unisex looks. As the new global face of CROCS, Lil Nas X's unisex look perfectly matches CROCS' free-spirited and unconventional fashion personality.

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

Lil Nas X is the new global face of CROCS, wearing the CROCS "High Heel Family Collection" | Via WWD

For example, Lil Nas X wears the CROCS SIREN CLOG (Mermaid Cave Shoes), which has a "high heel design" that matches his fashion sense. As the newest member of the high heel family, the CROCS Mermaid CLOG is an upgraded version of a classic shoe. It is said that summer goes best with "hole-door" fashion, and these mermaid high heeled hole shoes may be a "must-have" for you to add a lot of high fashion to your summer look.

The advanced high heel family offers more fresh ways to play!

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?


High heels have a long history. From the 1500's to the present day, heels have evolved into many different styles, adding to women's outfits in every decade. In recent years, heels have made a comeback with the Y2K style. Last year, fashion shopping app LYST showed a 69% increase in searches for thick-soled heels.

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

Lil Nas X wearing CROCS SIREN CLOG|Via WWD

This growth rate is more or less directly related to the popularity of Y2K, but on the other hand, the unisex style, which is an evergreen style in the fashion week or on the street, has also contributed to the fashion of high heels. Nowadays, it is no longer the era of "women wearing men's clothes", but the unisex style of "men wearing women's clothes" has gradually become the mainstream. For example, Lil Nas X, mentioned above, wore a ripped denim dress with bright pink CROCS mermaid shoes, which was eye-catching and very much in line with his style of dress.

Considered by many to be the "comfort shoe" of choice, CROCS has cleverly added a high heel to the basic holey shoe. Softer and more comfortable than a regular, aesthetically pleasing heel, the CROCS mermaid cavernous shoe adds an extra layer of practical functionality to the wearer's experience.

As a new member of the CROCS heel family, the CROCS Mermaid Cave Shoes are made of fully molded Croslite™ material and draw on a retro chunky heel design, with a 9CM heel that adds a sense of line to the classic model and allows women to accentuate their slim legs. CROCS named the shoes after the word "mermaid" in order to convey that the shoes are as modern and glamorous as a mermaid at the bottom of the ocean, with no constraints, and that the high-heeled design is designed with the hope that consumers will be able to hold their own and be bold enough to take on the challenge. The high heel design also hopes that consumers will be able to hold on to their aura, be bold and confident, express their attitude and show themselves at will.


The CROCS Mermaid Mole Shoe can be worn for a variety of occasions, from everyday to edgy. The chunky sole is perfect for a retro look, giving Y2K's outfits an original and stylish twist. Also available in black, bone white, bright pink and dark cherry, these shoes are a summer must-have, complementing the Dopamine-inspired color aesthetic. If you don't want to be too avant-garde, but want to be original, you can wear a pearlescent pink and purple dress with black mermaid shoes, like brand ambassador Zhou Yutong did for her commute and date. CROCS brand ambassador Yi Mengling's white dress paired with bone white mermaid shoes is a "fairy costume" that is well worth learning as a template for ambient photo shoots.

It is undeniable that the "high-heeled family" has provided more possibilities for many young people to dress up in recent years. From the previous Cloud Clog, to the Light Wheel series and Puff series in the past two years, CROCS is well aware of the needs of contemporary young people for fashionable attire, and the convenient slipper style can not only increase the height, but also can be combined with a variety of fashion styles, such as Dopamine, Genderless, Gorpcore and so on, and at the same time, the upper is inherited with the CROCS features, and can be freely matched with the mood and weather. The upper of the shoe is a CROCS signature, allowing you to mix and match different Jibis according to your mood and the weather, in line with Gen Z's desire for uniqueness and individuality.

Behind the "Hole in the Wall" is CROCS' constant push for new trends.

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

CROCS x BALENCIAGA「Madame Mule」| Via Google

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

CROCS x BALENCIAGA colorful thick-soled cavernous shoes in BALENCIAGA Spring/Summer 2018 collection|Via Vanity Fair

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

CROCS x BALENCIAGA "punk" thick bottom hole shoes unveiled in BALENCIAGA 2022 Spring / Summer series | Via Footwear News.
If you know anything about the fashion industry, you should know that the CROCS "High heel Family" has already entered the fashion field and shines brilliantly in the cooperative series of various brands.
You may have thought of the pair of "Madame Mule" working with BALENCIAGA, which was at the center of the topic when it was launched.
But before that, the first collaboration between CROCS and BALENCIAGA appeared in the latter's spring / summer 2018 collection, when the "grandiose" thick-soled hole shoes were quickly sold out, and then in the BALENCIAGA 2022 spring / summer collection, the two sides jointly launched punk-style thick-soled hole shoes for the third time.
Over the years, the two brands have joined hands many times, we think that it is the pioneer of BALENCIAGA that injects different colors into CROCS, but in fact, it is the eccentric personality of BALENCIAGA and CROCS, which can be seen in the cooperation of CROCS in recent years.

MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?
MSCHF's "Yellow Boots" are too much? Try the CROCS advanced version?

CROCS x 7-11, Lazy Oaf thick-soled hole shoes | Via CROCS.
As Michelle Poole, senior vice president of global product and marketing at CROCS, said in an interview, "our hole shoes are like a blank canvas that can drive the latest trends or conversations."
In addition to BALENCIAGA, CROCS's "High Heel Family" partnership list also includes convenience stores 7-11 all over the world, street brand Lazy Oaf and so on, launching many unconventional high-heeled hole shoes.
The diversity of CROCS allows it to walk freely in a variety of everyday but fashionable scenes. Now, driven by joint efforts with different brands and various fashion trends, CROCS has become one of the irreplaceable footwear brands for many people.
For example, recently, in order to express their love for CROCS, believers in cave shoes have produced online buzzwords such as "add Dongmen" and "Dongmen will last forever" on social media, and launched Amway content related to cave shoes.
The high popularity of the topic once again proves that CROCS with its unique style promotes the aesthetic trend, allowing cave shoe lovers to spontaneously form a community culture.
There is no doubt that CROCS mermaid hole shoes, a new member of the "high heel family", may be one of the next popular shoes in Dongmen.
From any dimension, it is not difficult to find that CROCS can be classic and changeable, and such a diverse posture can be favored by young people because its brand spirit is "naturally free" and has something in common with the meaning of contemporary young people's life of "living in the present".
From spirit to design, CROCS has always driven the current trend and integrated into the lives of young people with an easy attitude.
For example, CROCS mermaid hole shoes and other high-heeled shoes are not only designed in line with the trend of "thick-soled shoes", but also can be easily matched with a variety of fashions.
It is worth mentioning that CROCS + CROC LIGHTS provides fashion players with more new ways to play, making CROCS shine like a star in the dark.



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