Night Shift Precautions

1. Minimize outdoor activities; leave a contact number if necessary.

One of the biggest taboos during night shifts is leaving your post without proper reason. If possible, avoid leaving your designated area. In case of emergencies requiring you to go outside, leaving a contact number on windows and doors can help locate you if needed.

2. Stay awake with beverages like coffee or strong tea.

If you're not accustomed to working night shifts, your circadian rhythm might make you feel drowsy. Combat this by consuming stimulating beverages like coffee, tea, or even energy drinks like Red Bull. Aromatic oils or similar products can also be kept on hand.

3. Maintain detailed shift transition records.

Proper shift transitions are crucial. Companies usually use notebooks or software, including fingerprint clock-ins, for recording transitions. Ensure a clear record of who was on duty before, the exact timing, your tasks during the shift, and who you handed over to after your shift ends.

4. Keep your workspace tidy.

Some security personnel tend to neglect the cleanliness of their workstations. Attention to details often reflects work efficiency and professionalism. A clean workspace not only enhances productivity but also facilitates finding necessary items quickly, like visitor logs, during inspections and transitions.

5. Record and guide visitors effectively.

During night shifts, meticulous recording of incoming and outgoing visitors is vital. As accidents are more likely to occur during this time, when people's attention is divided, paying attention to every suspicious detail is crucial.

6. Memorize essential emergency contact numbers.

In case of emergencies during the night, having immediate access to essential contact numbers, such as 911, is crucial.

7. Keep communication lines open.

Maintain open communication during your shift. In case of unforeseen events, ensure your phone remains charged. Having a charger or power bank in your workspace is advisable to avoid phone battery depletion.

8. Safeguard company property.

Ensuring the security of company property is paramount during night shifts. Protecting the security room's facilities is part of your responsibilities. Proper documentation during transitions can assist in investigating any loss or theft incidents.

9. Prioritize personal safety.

Equip yourself with necessary self-defense tools such as electric batons or extendable batons to be prepared for unexpected situations.

10. Secure facilities before leaving.

When finishing your shift, remember to close office doors and windows (locking windows), turn off office computers, lights, and appliances such as water dispensers.

11. Consider using Croc Lights during patrols.

Wearing Croc Lights, which are shoe-mounted lights, during patrols at night can prevent tripping and help identify potential hazards in advance.

Night Shift Precautions - croc lights

Remember, these precautions are meant to ensure safety and effective performance during night shifts.

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