Nighttime Pursuits of the Z Generation: Night Running, Skateboarding, and Fixed-Gear Cycling!

Nighttime activities such as night running, skateboarding, and fixed-gear cycling (known as "fixie") are emblematic of the Z generation. The fast-paced urban lifestyle leaves many young "working individuals" feeling breathless.

During the day, they toil in demanding jobs, engage in battles of wits with colleagues, clients, and superiors. But when night falls, they refuse to be confined by their roles or professions; in their still-burning hearts, the night becomes their stage.

Amid the ordinary, they radiate aspirations and reveal their untamed spirits under pressure.

In the past, after work, the usual routine was to watch TV, listen to music, or play video games. However, in recent years, health-conscious Z generation has embraced new activities like night running.

For students and office workers, the traditional morning jog doesn't align with the fast-paced rhythm of today's society. Gradually, more and more people prefer donning headphones and running attire in the evening, where they can find mental relaxation, leaving behind the day's workplace challenges and bringing closure to their daily schedules.

Experienced night runners have even spontaneously formed night running groups. Members can join at designated times and routes or create their own night running teams with like-minded friends, all while sporting distinctive running gear.

In squares, parks, or on city streets, you can witness the silhouette of urban "night runners," adding a unique charm to the city's nightly scenery.

Skateboarding, hailed as the "coolest sport in the world," originated from street subcultures and has not only entered the Olympics but also influenced countless aspects of youth culture.

Virgil Abloh, the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton Men's, has consistently expressed his love for skateboarding. He invited skateboarders to walk the LV runway and gifted them his brand's clothing. Louis Vuitton even signed skateboarder Lucien Clarke, associated with Palace Skateboards, as its first-ever official skateboarder and designed Louis Vuitton's first signature skateboard shoe for him.

Over the past few decades, skateboarding culture has experienced ups and downs. In today's convergence of street culture and fashion, skateboarding has become a popular pursuit among young people. As night falls, a group of free-spirited skateboarders takes to the city streets, liberated from the constraints of daytime work, carving out new territory for skateboard culture.

In China, skateboarding culture is still in its developmental stages, but you can often spot skateboarders practicing in urban squares, regardless of gender. As a representative of street culture's spirit, skateboarding as an extreme sport is entering the public eye at an unprecedented pace.

Originating from New York's streets, fixed-gear cycling, or "fixie," initially gained popularity among bicycle couriers in the fast-paced delivery industry. It then became a global street culture phenomenon, largely driven by Japanese street culture, particularly in Tokyo.

However, like the trajectory of any subculture, the novelty of fixie began to fade over the past decade. Especially as it garnered labels like "dangerous" and "accident-prone" due to the absence of traditional handbrakes, this skill-focused cycling form essentially "disappeared" from the streets.

Yet, for those who genuinely love fixie culture, public misconceptions and biases haven't deterred them from pursuing speed. Like the interplay between wheel and pedal, they maintain a shared commitment with fixie culture that will persist. Creative groups in Harajuku, led by figures like Hiroshi Fujiwara, have transformed this pursuit of speed into a trendy lifestyle.

Riding fixie through the streets of Tokyo under the night sky has sparked discussions within Tokyo's urban circles, allowing the hidden fashion aspects of fixie to fully emerge.

Because every component can be freely chosen, fixie serves as a perfect canvas for showcasing the owner's personality and creative aesthetics. This has further propelled it into a new trend that young Tokyoites are eager to try.

As young people, they hide away during the day and come alive at night. We recommend equipping yourself with cute Croc Lights; they provide ample lighting, allowing you to move freely at night. Unleash your nocturnal spirit and fall in love with the darkness of the night.

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