When walking your dog at night, pay attention to these 5 points

As autumn arrives, walking your dog at night is a great choice, but it can also come with unexpected situations.

Walking your dog at night, although quieter, comes with more safety factors to consider. There's a tragic case shared on a Facebook group: a dog owner took their dog out for a walk in their daily routine neighborhood and didn't pay much attention. Later, they discovered that the dog was bitten by a snake in the grassy area within the neighborhood. While the dog didn't face a life-threatening situation, it was a painful experience for both the dog and the owner.

In fact, these accidents can be entirely avoided.

What should you pay attention to when walking your dog at night?

  1. Increase Visibility:
       - Flashlight is not the best choice because you need to free up one hand to hold it. Instead, consider getting Croc lights that can be attached to your shoes. They provide immediate illumination of the ground, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings and avoid dangers.
       - Don't underestimate the importance of having one hand free. You can use it to keep your dog on a tighter leash, and Croc lights make it easier to control the light source, ensuring your dog is well-lit.

When walking your dog at night, pay attention to these 5 points - croc lights
  1. Wear Light-Colored Clothing:
       - To make yourself more visible to others, avoid wearing dark-colored clothing when walking your dog at night. Light-colored clothing is more suitable for nighttime dog walks.
       - You can also prepare reflective vests, decorative reflective collars, and reflective dog tags. If you're planning to buy your dog a coat, consider winter coats with reflective stripes.

  2. Stick to Familiar Routes:
       - Dogs are naturally curious and enjoy exploring new things, including new walking routes. However, at night, taking unknown routes can be risky for both your dog and you. There might be hazards like broken glass, sharp plants, poisoned animals, or potential dangers from ill-intentioned individuals.
       - It's safer to stick to familiar routes when walking your dog at night.

Avoid Doing These Things:

  1. Retractable Leashes:
       - Please avoid using retractable leashes, especially when walking your dog at night. A regular leash is much more practical in this situation.
       - At night, both you and your dog are in a more passive state, and your dog may get excited by other nocturnal animals, such as mice. A retractable leash offers no advantages in such scenarios and can even trip up other pedestrians.

  2. Using Your Phone:
       - Many dog owners have a habit of using their phones while walking their dogs, and this is also common among non-dog owners.
       - Phone screens emit bright backlight, and when you look down at your phone and then back up at your surroundings, there is a brief period during which your eyes need to adjust, making you temporarily blind to your surroundings. Posting on social media can lead to losing your dog, or even a cyclist colliding with your dog.

  3. Walk in Groups:
       - If you're a single dog owner, it's best to find a few friends to walk your dogs together. If you're not single, consider taking your significant other along.
       - Walking dogs in a group is generally safer.

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