Whisper to you, how to run at night

Whisper to you, how to run at night
In addition to morning runs, the most popular time for running is at night, after saying goodbye to a busy day at work, put on running gear and run freely in the quiet night should be the most relaxing moment for every runner right? But night running is not blind running, the biggest difference from daytime is that it is dark, there are many potential safety hazards, so there are many things to pay attention to. Let's follow the editor to learn about how to run at night? Multi-dimensional analysis for you to run safely at night.

What to pay attention to before night running
1. Equipment

Reflective wristbands, headlamps, croc lights for shoes, identifiable and fluorescent running gear, these must be strictly required of yourself to ensure safety.

2. Time

Night running time should not exceed 9 pm, because the excitement after running too late will affect sleep quality, try to keep the running time within 30-60 minutes, with health running as the main goal.

3. Diet

Never run on an empty stomach, because running on an empty stomach will more easily hurt the stomach and cause stomach cramps. It is best to eat some nuts, cookies, bananas and other foods before running. Also don't run right after a meal, usually rest for about 60 minutes before running.

4. Route

Pay attention when choosing a route for night running. Don't run on remote, deserted roads or unfamiliar routes. Try to choose comfortable and familiar routes as much as possible.

Proper running posture for night running
1. Don't run too fast, night running should be jogging, which is also more effective for fat loss. Excessive intensity can easily lead to fatigue.

2. The rhythm during night running should be maintained: slow-fast-slow, following a gradual increase in speed, you can also walk fast for a distance to warm up the body first.

3. Keep your head up, relax your shoulders, don't hunch over, don't swing your arms too much, otherwise it will easily affect the speed or even cause injury.

4. You can take abdominal breathing, maintain the rhythm of breathing, such as breathing every two steps. Slowly increase the breathing frequency to enhance running endurance.

5. Do not wear headphones while night running, otherwise it will reduce your awareness of the surrounding environment and easily lead to unnecessary dangers.

Don't forget these things after night running
1. Pay attention to hydration

Don't drink too much water at once after running, drink it slowly sip by sip, which is beneficial for water absorption. Also avoid drinking ice water or cold water, you can also drink some sports drinks properly.

2. Strictly control your diet

Don't eat too much after running, especially foods high in sugar, otherwise the benefits of night running will be lost. You can properly supplement with some yogurt or milk, bananas are a good choice.

In addition, female runners should run in pairs at night if possible. If you have to run alone at night, try not to run at a fixed time and on a fixed route. In short, take more precautions and prevention. Try to run in school playgrounds or crowded places.

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