Young people's newest online social code - "hand over your shoe charms"

Young people's newest online social code - "hand over your shoe charms"

Crocs' co-branded shoes with My World.
  Screenshot from the brand's official website

Young people's newest online social code - "hand over your shoe charms"

crocs shoes become a showground for young people to spell out their creativity. Screenshot of the brand's microblog

Young people's newest online social code - "hand over your shoe charms"
Crocs' co-branded crocs shoes with 7-11 convenience stores. Screenshot of the brand's microblog

 There is a new chapter in the "ugly shoes" story. From the birth of more than 20 years ago on the back of the "ugly shoes" name of the crocs shoes, once again back to the front line of fashion, this wave of trend key words is DIY. "Hand over your shoes flower" has recently become a young people's new network social code. In facebook search "crocs shoes DIY", more than 1.1 million articles, point into the relevant topics to share, is called a large brain show, a variety of shoe flower installation tutorials, "rough to fine" strategy is widely popular, and more to promote the shoe flower business popularity, all kinds of "flat replacement", the keyword is DIY. All kinds of "flat replacement" sales hot.

Creative show on the foot, young people "hole door" learning more

"Ugly" and "tide" is not an insulator, Crocs shoes were born 20 years ago, so far many people dislike is "ugly shoes", but does not prevent it from harvesting a large wave of young people's favorite. Similar to the fans call McDonald's "McDonald's", the current young people into the Crocs shoes called into the "hole door", but also made a lot of emoticons and weird text, "once through the Crocs shoes, your life is set! ""The world has people who wear cavernous shoes and do not wear cavernous shoes, but there is no one who wears cavernous shoes only once". There are also some popular "hole door" cold knowledge of the article, such as "why doctors love to wear Crocs shoes during surgery," etc., also harvested a lot of praise.

Comfortable to wear, easy to go out, is indeed the reason why many people like Crocs shoes. However, the DIY show creativity with shoe flowers is the key to young people nowadays to choose the Crocs shoes. The originator of the Crocs shoes is Crocs (Crocs), and Crocs shoes flower has a proprietary name called Jibbitz, initially invented by a U.S. housewife Sherry Schmelzer. At that time, she coaxed the children happy, with clay, beads and other materials in the holes in the upper of the shoes decorated with ornaments, the three children at home are loving it. Sherry's husband realized that this is a rare business opportunity, he will be these holes shoes ornaments, trademarks, etc. applied for a patent, and set up a company called Jibbitz, specializing in the production of holes shoes decorations.

These decorations were initially handmade and soon became popular among shoe fans, and the business expanded rapidly. the success of Jibbitz caught the attention of Crocs, and in 2006, Jibbitz was acquired by Crocs at a high price of 10 million dollars. In 2006, Jibbitz was purchased by Crocs for a whopping $10 million. According to the agreement, Crocs would pay another $10 million if Jibbitz reached its expected sales.

The deal proved to be worthwhile, as Jibbitz really brought more attraction and uniqueness to cavernous shoes, and motivated consumers to spend more on each pair of shoes. Not only does Crocs have a huge number of regular Jibbitz, but some co-branded shoes also come with corresponding Jibbitz, such as this year's co-branding of Crocs with the open sandbox game "My World" and Bubble Mart, with corresponding themed Jibbitz ornaments.

Coincidentally, the Crocs shoes originally had a variety of bright colors, such as deep purple, pink, fluorescent green, and so on, and with this year's popular "dopamine wear" perfect match, online there is a special post to introduce the "Crocs shoes dopamine color matching", and stores also Special post to teach you how to match a variety of cute style shoes flower, this wave of summer trend is considered to be a proper pinch.

Crocs raises full-year financial forecast as holey shoes become a hit

From being ridiculed to become a fashion symbol, the topic of "Crocs shoes turnaround" has been going on for several years, and the main reason is that the Crocs shoes represented by Crocs have been successfully co-branded with various big fashion brands.

In 2017, Crocs, which was already considered to be "out of fashion", launched a co-branded shoe with Balenciaga, which became a hit. Vibrant bright yellow and pink, thick to exaggerated soles, holes embellished with the brand logo and small accessories ...... at the time of the launch of this co-branded shoes quickly hit the hot search, triggering the beauty of the ugly controversy, the product was launched on the day of the tide of the people snapped up. Since then, Crocs and Paris House have joined forces several times to launch a variety of new shoes.

Nowadays, Crocs has repeatedly broken through the brain Crocs in brand co-branding, from classic movies and animation IP, to 7-11 convenience stores, KFC, etc., and some seemingly outrageous operations have harvested the attention of consumers. For example, the 2020 co-branding with KFC, the fried chicken pattern completely covers the upper, and at the same time added simulated three-dimensional wing root flower; recently launched with the launch of the net red "Astro shoes" MSCHF co-branded launch of the Crocs rhubarb boots is also super eye-catching.

It can be said that Crocs has made a new generation of consumers quickly reacquaint themselves with and accept cavernous shoes through the active cooperation with hipsters and red stars, and successful marketing on social networks; and the success of a series of co-branding has shown young people that cavernous shoes have strong plasticity, which lays the foundation for the current round of DIY wind.

The financial report of Crocs can let people see clearly how red the cavernous shoes are in these two years. According to Crocs' financial report, the company's total revenue in 2022 was $3.55 billion, a year-on-year increase of 53.7%, and the data for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023 showed that the company's total revenue in the first quarter of this year was $880 million, a year-on-year increase of 33.9%. Among them, Crocs brand revenue was $650 million, accounting for 73.3% of the company's total revenue, up 19.0% year-on-year. Crocs also raised its 2023 financial expectations: revenue is expected to reach $3.95 billion to $4.05 billion, up 11% to 14% year-on-year, with Crocs brand revenue expected to grow 7% to 9% year-on-year.

Croc lights company launched croc headlights last year, so that Crocs shoes and caused widespread concern among consumers, this shoe light in addition to the appearance of the design of fashionable and trendy, but also with the function of safe travel, once launched, by the night walk, hiking, camping, night running and other people's unanimous favorite. Many young people enlarge the light on their shoes and consider it a very cool behavior.

 Young people's newest online social code - "hand over your shoe charms"

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