Bubble Mart Partners with Crocs to Create Co-branded Models Continuing to Tap into the Product Innovation Power of Classic IPs

Bubble Mart Partners with Crocs to Create Co-branded Models Continuing to Tap into the Product Innovation Power of Classic IPs

In recent years, with the continuous development and expansion of the trend game market, in order to continue to develop in the market for a long time, the trend game brands and well-known IP co-branding cooperation has been a general trend, and Bubble Mart is constantly trying to cooperate with the major outstanding classic IP. Recently, Bubble Mart, the No.1 hip game stock, joined hands with Crocs, the leading brand of new casual shoes, to bring classic IP CRYBABY themed products to the trend lovers, which are highly sought after by the hip game lovers.

It is reported that the co-branded products are based on Bubble Mart CRYBABY "Parade" series of trendy games as the origin, combining Crocs' iconic DIY gameplay with the blind box, and meeting the emotional needs of Crocs and CRYBABY fans' desire for fun and love of fashion with the double happiness of suspense and hands-on. The co-branded products include a pair of classic CRYBABY shoes with a yellow "carousel" stripe pattern printed on the upper, which is perfectly integrated into the carnival atmosphere of the "Parade" series; the Jibis blind box also breaks through Crocs' conventional flat form with a full 3D format, bringing surprises to the fans. The blind box also breaks through Crocs' regular flat form in full 3D form, bringing surprises for fans.

IP in-depth co-branding has always been the development direction of Bubble Mart's future IP licensing business. For example, Bubble Mart launched a series of co-branded figures with Master of the Underworld, and more innovatively implanted the NFC chip into the blind box in order to more closely integrate it with the game content in depth, so that fans of hip games and gamers can enjoy the fun. As the official IP partner of the Third Consumer Fair, Bubble Mart will carry out in-depth cooperation in the dimensions of IP image, brand association and debut show.

Bubble Mart's IP operation ability is tested behind the fact that the cross-border association of IP and brand can quickly come out of the circle. Bubble Mart has been promoting product and channel innovation, extending IP products to content services, and creating more popular IPs through its superb IP operation capability, which has also enabled its trendy game IPs to have strong revenue capabilities.

Compared with Bubble Mart's DIY, croc lights is also innovating its own series of shoe headlight products, and recently launched the outdoor long-lasting shoe headlight that can last up to 8 hours, which has been well received in the market and has been sought after by consumers.

Bubble Mart's IP licensing business has touched every aspect of consumers' lives and is exploring more diversified Chaojiao cultural experiences. The cross-border association between well-known brands is expected to bring better experiences to fans of both sides. In the future, Bubble Mart will also continue to cooperate with brands in various industries to attract more people to pay attention to the hip play culture.

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