Do you still dare to take evening walks?

Do you still dare to take evening walks? Surprisingly, there is so much to learn about walking, and it's never too late to find out! The International Health Organization calls walking the "best global exercise." The various anatomical structures, physiological functions, cardiorespiratory fitness, and the positioning of bones and muscles in the human body are all best suited for walking.

Many American leaders have been enthusiastic about walking: Roosevelt cured his asthma simply by walking; Eisenhower recovered from his heart disease through walking; Kennedy was a "walking enthusiast" who walked 80 km every week. Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine, once said, "Walking is the best medicine." Over the years, numerous studies have shown that regular walking can promote the health of various parts of the human body. Experts recommend that healthy adults should walk daily and maintain this habit for a lifetime.

**Part I: Benefits of Walking**

1. **Physical and Mental Well-being:** Walking outdoors, breathing in fresh air, can uplift one's mood and even help with depression. Walking can also act as a natural tranquilizer, boosting the nervous system, suppressing feelings of depression, and leaving one feeling refreshed and energized.

2. **Safety Compared to Running:** While running has been considered a good exercise, walking has been found to be a safer, simpler, and more effective form of exercise. The vibrations experienced by the feet during walking are only 1-2 times the body weight, compared to one-third in running. These vibrations can enhance the body's resistance and slow down the aging process.

3. **Cost-Effective with High Returns:** Walking doesn't require specific spaces or equipment. You don't have to worry about a gym membership or the odor of others' sweat in fitness centers.

4. **Maintaining a Good Physique and Aiding Weight Loss:** There's nothing more frustrating than excess thigh, buttock, or abdominal fat. Many sports medicine professionals agree that prolonged, scientifically conducted walking training can reduce body fat, keeping the body healthy. It's one of the most effective forms of exercise among all physical activities.

**Part II: Guidelines for Knee-Friendly Walking**

1. **Correcting "Bowing Out" Legs, Taking Large Steps, and Firm Foot Placement:** Maintain a certain distance between your legs and keep them at the same distance as your pelvis. Take long strides and extend your arms. Ensure sufficient strength when your legs leave the ground.

2. **Wear Good Shoes:** Wearing appropriate footwear like running shoes can reduce the impact during walking, protecting your knees. Shoes should be thoroughly examined every six months for wear and tear, collapse of the heel, or significant loss of sole elasticity.

3. **Strengthen Thigh Muscles:** The quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh are the most effective protection for the knees. Regular leg-lifting exercises can help maintain and improve muscle strength.

4. **Moderate Walking Intensity:** Pay attention to the frequency of walking during your exercise routine. Progress gradually, in a measured manner, avoiding excessive frequency, especially for obese individuals or those with joint conditions. Excessive walking can lead to joint fatigue.

5. **Walking Locations: Parks and Grasslands:** Choosing locations with better air quality is ideal. Additionally, walking on synthetic grass is more suitable and can reduce knee stress.

Lastly, many people may not be aware that the best time for walking is not in the evening but in the afternoon. The period between 6 am and 12 pm is the peak time for heart disease. Poor nighttime lighting can lead to accidents and injuries. If you decide to walk in the evening, it is advisable to wear Croc lights on your shoes, as they effectively prevent accidents caused by poor lighting, slipping, and encountering hazards such as snakes or rodents. Therefore, it's best to exercise at noon, especially for older individuals with heart conditions, and avoid walking at night.

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