Night Walking-Dangers of Walking the Dog

Dangers of Walking the Dog at Night

Night Walking is hazardous by itself, and even more so when walking the dog. Depending on the type of dog you have, like a Pull Dog breed, you probably want to consider taking it a little slower than usual.
Most folks own a Pull Dog so if they don't have much time to walk their dogs during the day, so they usually do so at night or in the morning. Dog owners probably do this without putting much thought into it, but that would be a mistake.

How to Make Sure That Walking Your Dog at Night is a Bit Safer

It's not always easy to see how dangerous something is until someone brings it up. The following are a few dangers you might not have considered:

Oncoming traffic might not be able to see you because it's dark.

Prey might distract your dog and make it hard to control him or her.

A human being's night vision isn't great, so the chances of having an accident by tripping on something is higher in the dark.

Chances of getting lost is higher since everything looks different at night.

Dangerous animals usually come out at night more often, and you might not be able to see them easily.

Walking the dog-night walking-High beam shoes-croc lights

Hidden Dangers of Walking the Dog
No dog owner should have to worry about these types of dangers because you have to walk the dog at night. It is easy to think these dangers only apply to night walking, but a morning walk can be quite dark, especially if you walk early in the morning.

Making the Walk Just a Tad Safer

Making night walking a little safer is going to take a little work. Of course, there are some practical things you could, do but there are a few things you might not have considered like the right clothes, which you'll learn about later on. The following are some the practical steps you can take:

1. When walking the dog, do so with purpose. Act like you know where you are going because that makes you seem more certain, which can appear powerful.

2. It's important not to get distracted during your night or morning walk. Yes, it is going to be hard to see, but all of that could be made worse if you aren't paying attention. You need to be ready to act if a car is approaching. On top of that, if someone is there trying to commit a crime, a distracted person is an easy target.

3. It might be a good idea to walk with someone else. Make a friend with someone in the neighborhood who needs to walk their dog around the same time you do. Doing this not only allows you to make a new friend, but you'll also feel safer.

4. Try to avoid any area where you won't be around anyone at all. This could include dark alleys or lonely walkways. You want to stay on main roads where you may see other people from time to time. If something happens, you have a higher chance of calling out for help. Be sure to walk against traffic if you are going to be walking down a main road.
These are just some practical things you should do to stay safe while walking in the dark, but there's much more to keep in mind. You can talk to your local sheriff or call the police department. These folks know about the dangers out there and can help improve nighttime safety.

One thing that is something overlooked though is clothes.

Rethinking Your Clothes for Night Time Safety
Dog walkers, especially those who like to run with their dogs, can forget to use the right clothes. Runners and walkers like to wear dark clothes while exercising. This does make sense for various reasons. Dark clothes help hide sweat, which is inevitable for some even if on a chilly night.
What you want to do is make sure you wear highly reflective attire. There are many stylish items to choose from. These types of clothes can help other vehicles see you easier. The light from their vehicles should be reflected, making it clear you are there with your dog.

The bad thing about these types of clothes is that it only helps when there's a source of light hitting your clothes. If there isn't, then the clothes won't appear brighter as you are walking or running with your dog. You might be thinking your phone's light might be enough or that you could carry around a flashlight around your neck.

Both of these are good ideas, and they definitely are better than nothing at all, but they are also a little inconvenient.

You have to worry about your dog right now, and you're quite active, so holding a phone might be dangerous. The right set of circumstances and you could drop your phone. If you carry a flashlight around your neck, that could become annoying with enough movement.

A good option is to just get yourself croc lights. Great for walking or a good night run. Regardless if you choose the Night Runners or one of the other options, be sure to get something so that your walk with your dog is not only comfortable but as safe as can be.

Night Walking-Walking the dog- Night Runner- High Beam shoes - croc lights
Your not only highly visible to drivers, but they can see you a long, long way away, in the daylight or night. In short, front and rear traffic will see you, for sure. That said, predators, pot holes, and your little dog Toto will be well lit.

With the croc lights, you could go into uncharted territory, explore the Amazon, go spelunking, off the grid, fall off the map!

No one is saying you should go into scary, heavily wooded bogs, looking for Big Foot in an area so far out that no one can hear you scream....But you could, I guess. That would be fun. You could do that, or you could definitely let your dog walk a little further, a little longer, take another lap, and burn a few more calories.
Walking at night can be fun for your dog but also therapeutic for both of you. Speaking of therapy, make it a family activity! Or walk with friends you don't like, Invite your Mom-in law. Yeah! You could handle multiple issues while strolling through the neighborhood and waiting for Princes to poop.

Point is, it doesn't matter what you do while you walk, being able to do it with a little less worry is a good thing.

Light Up The Dark

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