What is a runners high (and how do you get one)?

A runner’s high is defined as “a​ euphoric feeling experienced during prolonged, hard exercise”. Many believed for a long time that this was caused by the brain’s release of endorphins, although recently, new researchers from Germany have explained that endocannabinoids play a larger role in creating this feeling, more so than endorphins.Why?Scientists are saying that the feel-good chemicals released from our body after physical activity are too large to effectively pass through the blood-brain barrier quickly. Meaning that they work with muscles to dampen the pain, not directly to the brain. Learn more about this disconnect between science and the media here.What does it feel like? An overall sensation of euphoria, while stress and anxiety are reduced. In addition, there’s a lessened ability to feel physical pain in the body. It is said that will last until about 1–2 hours after I finish running.
How do I get one? A runner's high is commonly achieved during a long, continuous workout. Running for a minimum of two hours is best, and the longer you run, the more likely you are to achieve runner's high. This euphoric sensation, usually it will start up around 4 miles into a run. If you want to run for enough hours to achieve this high while staying cool, try running before or after the sun is out. Check out Croc Lights to optimize your safety while running in the dark.Alright, I want a runner’s high now! People may run to lose weight, compete in races, reach a high, or improve their overall health. For whatever reason you may choose to start running, it’s sure that you will experience both physical, mental and emotional benefits ​of the activity.

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