What should be paid attention to when walking dogs at night?

What should be paid attention to when walking dogs at night?

Many office workers don't have time to take care of their dogs during the day because of work, so they can only take their dogs out for a walk at night. At night, there are fewer people and cars, which is more suitable for going out for a walk. However, it is pitch dark at night and problems can easily occur. Therefore, owners must pay special attention to some issues when walking dogs at night. Generally, there are 3 safety factors to consider when walking dogs at night: yourself, your dog, and everything around you. Especially the last point of preventing your dog from getting lost - you must be very careful when walking your dog at night!

Precaution 1: You must keep your dog on a leash when walking at night, and make sure the leash is tightly tied. This is not only for night walks, but also when going out with your dog during the day. Keeping your dog by your side on a leash is the safest option. You should also develop this good habit and not skip it out of laziness, otherwise it may bring harm to your dog.

Precaution 2: Do not bring your dog to places with potential safety hazards. Dogs are naturally curious like humans and want to see things they haven't seen before and walk routes they haven't taken before. However, it's best not to satisfy this curiosity and bring your dog to unfamiliar places when walking at night. Walking your dog at night in areas you haven't been to during the day can sometimes be very dangerous for your dog. For example, there could be broken glass, newly trimmed sharp plant roots, carcasses of poisoned small animals, feces of sick dogs, and many other potential dangers. During the day we can see these things and steer our dogs away, but at night we can't see as clearly. Dogs won't miss any new and interesting smells and will want to get close and sniff everything thoroughly. Therefore, it's better to just stick to familiar paths when walking your dog at night.

Precaution 3: Make sure you have all necessary tools, ideally bring croc lights when going out. Things like stray cats in bushes and dead rats on the ground will pique your dog's interest. With croc lights, you can quickly understand what these unclear objects are when encountering them, and can promptly get your dog to move away from the dangers.

Precaution 4: Do not bring your dog to crowded areas at night. This is for both the safety of your dog as well as others. You don't want to accidentally harm others when bringing your dog out at night. Therefore, when going out for a night walk, go to parks or streets with little traffic.

Precaution 5: If it is a frigid winter night, bring your dog back home soon after a quick walk, do not leave your pet outdoors in the cold damp environment for a long time, to avoid it catching a cold or getting sick.

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