What we should do if we want to walk the dog at night

Due to work, most dog owners spend most of their daytime hours at work, and only have a little bit of free time after work to accompany their dogs. However, after dark, it brings more troubles and greater challenges to dog owners. Because walking the dog at night is not a simple matter. In order to ensure the safety of owners and dogs, today we will talk about what preparations we owners should make if we want to walk the dog at night.

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Leash the dog

No matter when you take your dog out for a walk, this is something you need to do. At night, this safety assurance becomes even more important. A dog's vision is better than humans. When walking a dog at night, they are often attracted by prey that humans can't see. To prevent the dog from disappearing in an instant, it is best to leash them.

Shorten the leash

At night, human vision is greatly inhibited. If we are dragging a long leash in dim conditions, it is very easy to trip others or get tangled with roadside obstacles. Either situation causes unnecessary trouble. Shortening the leash length can completely prevent these issues.

Don't wear dark clothes

Of course, there's no way to change the dog's color, but humans can change their clothes. In dim environments, wearing dark clothes will blend you into the night. It is very difficult for oncoming pedestrians or vehicles to notice you. For safety, it is better to wear bright colors.

Stay where there is lighting

If you follow the lights when walking, it will be easier for your dog to walk. Of course, the most important purpose of this reminder is to ensure the health of dog owners and dogs. Don't expect the dog to protect your safety. After all, most dogs raised in cities are small and medium sized dogs, and they may not be able to defeat an adult. For safety, please carefully choose the dog walking route.

Reflective items

Not only reflective clothing for the owner, but also reflective jackets or collars for the dog. This is especially important for dogs with dark fur, as their dark fur is better at blending into the night. What we need to do is make them conspicuous again.


Of course, if your dog refuses to wear a low-power lamp, then we can consider making the dog a light source. It can not only help the owner illuminate the road, but also make it the brightest star in the night sky. But be aware that the light should not be too glaring, otherwise the dog will feel uncomfortable.

In principle, the best time to walk a dog is morning and dusk. However, not everyone has such conditions. Therefore, after coordinating our time with the dog, what we need to do is try our best to protect the safety of the dog and ourselves, and make dog walking more pleasant and safe.

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