Croc Lights illuminate the path ahead

Exercising in the dark is something that many of us are forced to do by our perpetually hectic lifestyles. However, that does inevitably mean encountering extra dangers en route, such as uneven pavements and impatient drivers. The 270-degree Shoe Lights from Croc Lights are designed to allow you to exercise more safely at night.

The Croc Lights are LED lights that fit onto your trainers, illuminating the path ahead for runners, joggers, walkers, and hikers. Once fitted, the 75-lumen LED beams provide up to 30 meters (100 ft) of visibility and 270-degree coverage.

The lights – The Croc Lights able to withstand high-impact activities. They're powered by rechargeable li-ion batteries that are charged via a micro-USB port. The batteries should last between four and eight hours, depending on the level of usage.

The Croc Lights 270-degree Shoe Lights were created by Lee and Rose Storer, When we first came up with the idea of making a "Croc Headlights", it seemed there wasn't a day that went by that someone didn't say "You should be on Shark Tank!". The journey began in 2021 completely by accident. On a dark night, we were walking on the road with our crocodile shoes. Unfortunately, I tripped over a pothole with sewage and fell to the ground because it was too dark. My whole body was so dirty that he had to stumble home with the injured me on his back. On the road, Mr Li thought of some way to solve the problem of not falling down at night. That's how Croc Headlight was born!

We have renamed the product to Croc lights(shoe light) and applied for a patent. It took more than 11 months of product development and testing but we finally introduced Our Croc Headlight in the Fall of 2022. Night Shift mitigates many of the dangers to workers that are inherent in third shift and low-light operations. Attached to the boots or shoes, these “headlights” serve as advanced warning of trip hazards and provide visibility to other vehicles and workers. Once our product was launched, it was unanimously liked by people from night walking, mountain climbing, camping and night running. Many young people put headlight on their shoes and thought it was a very cool behavior.


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