The Correct Way to Walk

The Correct Way to Walk - croc lights

The Best Time for Walking

It is generally recommended to take a walk in the morning around 9 AM or one hour after dinner because during these times, the body is relaxed, and the air quality is usually good. However, it is advisable not to walk after 8 PM as it is close to bedtime, and starting exercise at this time can negatively impact the quality of sleep.

Tips for Seniors' Walking

1. Random walking does not qualify as effective walking exercise. Random walking does not provide sufficient aerobic exercise to benefit your health. A healthy walking routine involves covering a distance of 3,000 meters within 30 minutes, five times a week, while maintaining a controlled heart rate.

2. Many elderly people enjoy walking with their hands behind their back, which may feel leisurely. However, this posture does not engage various body parts adequately, does not promote relaxation, and fails to provide effective exercise. During walking, maintain proper posture: keep your chest up, head held high, and swing your arms to engage your whole body and achieve coordination.

3. Choose a suitable location for your walk, preferably in an area with fresh air and plenty of trees for higher oxygen levels. When you exercise, your body requires ample oxygen, making a good walking environment more beneficial to your health.

4. Avoid walking on steep slopes. With age, seniors are more prone to joint issues. Walking on hilly terrain can lead to conditions like osteoarthritis. Try to minimize stair climbing as well, as it can put excessive stress on knee joints, exacerbating wear and tear.

5. Remember to bring a flashlight or wear a reflective vest when walking outside, or you can try the trending "Croc Lights." These are shoe-mounted lights designed to improve visibility in the dark, making it safer for night walkers, mountain climbers, campers, and night runners.

Exercises Unsuitable for Seniors

1. Squats: Squatting exercises put significant strain on the knee joints due to the lower center of gravity, potentially causing joint pain and accelerating cartilage wear. Sudden rises from squatting can also destabilize blood pressure in older individuals.

2. Hiking: Both ascending and descending on hiking trails can be tough on elderly individuals' knee joints, leading to increased joint stress and potential damage.

3. Immediate Post-Meal Walks: Many seniors prefer to walk immediately after a meal, but it's not advisable. After eating, blood flow is directed to the stomach for digestion, and engaging in physical activity like walking can strain the heart. It's best to wait for two hours after a meal before exercising.

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