Your shoe aren't cool until you get a pair of croc lights

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2024 NEW shoe lights

Fully upgraded with brighter illumination, longer beam distance, enhanced waterproof durability, patented quality assurance, and a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.
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If you are still looking for decorations for your shoes, these Croc headlights will be your best choice. You will be surprised to discover that they can not only add personality to your shoes but also enhance your safety during travel.
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2024 New Shoe Lights - Croc Lights®
2024 New Shoe Lights - Croc Lights®
2024 New Shoe Lights - Croc Lights®
2024 New Shoe Lights - Croc Lights®
2024 New Shoe Lights - Croc Lights®
2024 New Shoe Lights - Croc Lights®

2024 New Shoe Lights

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🏆Exclusive Original Patented Product.
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  • 😀Not only a practical light but also a cool decoration for your crocs!
  • 🎁An Unique Gift for Family & Friends!
  • 🖤 Walk safely in the dark - Perfect for night outdoor exercise, night running, hiking, walking, camping. These croc headlights are easy to take on and off and are secure while walking.

Croc lights - Aluminum Alloy Material(2 pack) - Rechargeable/Battery

  • 💡 Ultra Bright and Long Lasting -These nifty croc headlight attachment shine brightly for outdoor walks for some extra lighting.Battery models can last for 60-80 hours, while rechargeable models can be used for 10000 hours and provide a battery life of over 10 hours. This is equivalent to purchasing 140 CR2032 batteries. 
Croc lights - Aluminum Alloy Material(2 pack) - Rechargeable/Battery
  • 🔆3 Strobe Features -Three different settings include solid, fast flashing, and slow flashing. These croc lights for shoes make walking the dog at night so much easier.
Croc lights - Aluminum Alloy Material(2 pack) - Rechargeable/Battery
  • 🥰Simple to Install and Use -They have clips that fit into the croc hole perfectly. These croc accessories change strobe by pressing the clear bulb ( it's a button). You no longer have to hold your cell phone to use the flashlight.
Croc lights - Aluminum Alloy Material(2 pack) - Rechargeable/Battery
  • 💚IPX6 Waterproof -With these shoe lights, you don't need to worry about extreme weather. The IPX6 waterproof level can easily deal with rainstorm weather and the dew of wild camping.
  • 🌈This Croc Lights model is available in both rechargeable and battery versions. It comes in Black, Silver, Red, Gold, Blue, and Pink colors for you to choose from.
  • ⚠️ Note: If you're getting the rechargeable version, no need to buy batteries. If it's the battery-powered shoe light, we'll include batteries. If you want spare CR2023 batteries, click to buy. 🔋✨
Croc lights - Aluminum Alloy Material(2 pack) - Rechargeable/Battery

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Patented Original

Our Croc Lights are the first of their kind and the original hands-free and headlight-free lighting solution for runners, hikers, or any outdoor enthusiast.

Robust & Weatherproof

Built tough with long-lasting quality at the forefront, allowing you to focus on your training in all conditions.

270-Degree Visibility

The lights, which attach to the top of each shoe and illuminate a 270⁰ arc around, provide up to 33 and 66 feet of visibility.

All Outdoor Activities

You can safely trek through mountains, trails, or your own neighborhood knowing you've got reliable, safe lighting at all times.

People also ask

Battery Model/Type:

  1. Turn the croc light anti-clockwise to Unscrew the head of the light.
  2. Remove the insulation pad between the two batteries.
  3. Make sure the batteries are kept in positive and negative directions.
  4. Tighten up properly to avoid poor contact.
  5. If the battery runs out, replace the battery.

Recharge Model/Type:

  1. Croc Lights for charging come in various styles.
  2. To charge, rotate the crocodile light counterclockwise, unscrew the light head, or locate the charging port cover on the side of the light.
  3. Open the cover and insert the USB charging cable into the port. The charging indicator light will illuminate, indicating that charging is in progress. A change in the indicator light's color signifies a fully charged lithium battery.
  4. Tighten correctly to avoid poor contact and prevent water ingress.

【Reusable for 10000 Hours】The upgraded rechargeable battery uses environmentally friendly materials and is recyclable. It can be used for more than 10,000 hours, which is equivalent to buying 280 CR2032 batteries for shoe lights. Please choose the rechargeable version when making a purchase.

【IPX6 Waterproof and Durable】Equipped with a silicone ring sealing interface, it can easily handle rainy weather and dew on the grass during camping. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it is resistant to drops and rust. IPX6 waterproof rating ensures reliable performance in sunny, rainy, dry, and various outdoor environments.

【Upgraded Hidden Switch】Easily switch between three different light modes by pressing on the head of the Croc lights -always bright, flashing, or flashing slowly)- so you can choose a suitable mode according to your need.

【Small and Stable】The "croc headlight attachment" is extremely lightweight and can be carried with you anywhere. With a diameter of 0.9 inches and weighing only 18g, it fits tightly onto shoes, so you won't feel them during outdoor activities. Suitable for children over 4 years old and adult shoes.

【Bright and Long-Lasting】These croc head lights are brighter than a phone flashlight and illuminate a distance exceeding 33 feet. They can be powered by replaceable batteries or charged through the USB port, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements, reducing hassle, and saving money.

【Fantastic Gift Idea】These LED croc headlights are cute and useful, bright and lightweight, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities in the dark. They are suitable for walking the dog, hiking, camping, running, parties, and more. This novelty hands-free light is a great gift for adults and children who love Crocs shoes.

Although it is a light product, we provide perfect warranty service with the Croc lights. Return or full refund within 30 days, one-year warranty period and 24-hour email or Whatsapp service.


croc shoe lights

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